Advertising With Kids


It is very interesting marketing maneuver about having kids in advertising. ( I am not talking about Kids related products) . We have witnessed few very interesting as well as impressive TV Advertising campaigns of Kids for brands like Flipkart, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Maruti, Insurance companies etc

Why Brands are selecting Kids?

There are various reason for having advertisement with Kids.  Ex. Flipkart wanted to send a message that online shopping is as simple as kids can do it. In Maruti’s “Petrol Khatam nahi Honda hai” advert was aimed to say that even kids knows maruti is known for giving best mileage car in India.

To Increase Brand Loyalty Age

Banking sector is heaving branding children accounts because they know that they are starting a banking relationship with their future customer. And they can be a customer for longer period than any adult.

Kids are decisive factor in India

In India, Kids are one important factor for any purchase decision ( direct or indirect) .  Brands are aware of this fact and they try to manipulate kids to influence their parents for purchase decision.

Ketan Raval
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