Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension: For Safe and Secure Remote Access

Remote Desktop Connections are very usefull to provide remote support to client. Google has come up with very good told for it.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Features

The remote desktop permits users to set up their computers for secure remote access that comprises setting up the computer for a later access from another machine. Alternatively, the app can also be used to let someone access the computer remotely temporarily. The remote access can be done through a chrome browser or a chrome book.

The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is completely a cross platform BETA product. It provides remote assistance to users having OS like Mac, Windows and Linux. It can also access the windows and Mac desktops anytime from the chrome browser from any device.

How it Works

Google Chrome is required for using the remote desktop functionality in addition with installation of an extension from the chrome web store. It uses the VP8 video to display the remote PC’s desktop to the user. This feature can come of great help to troubleshoot issues of a client.

Operations from the User’s End

The users need to grant permission to the chrome remote desktop to access their computer for the first time use.  One needs to be signed in to their Google account before clicking on ‘Allow access’ and ‘get started’ button. They then need to click the ‘enable remote connections’ button. Next, choose a PIN for security of the PC and confirm it. The options that will follow can be accessed based on the need of the user.

The users can then easily click the disconnect button to cut off the access. The keyboard combinations can be sent with the ‘send key’ menu to the remote machine without being stopped by the local computer.

This sharing session is fully secured. The access code must be provided by a user from the controlling computer area. Google has also made things easier by giving access from Chrome books.

 Download Google Chrome Desktop


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