NID Sets an Example How EDU site is used for Black Hat SEO

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry getting backlink from EDU website is an important aspect.  Many Companies are still following these tactics to get website rank well. Many blogs & communities from universities of USA have been compromised because of this.  People keep posting unnecessary spam on these kind of website which is clearly a spam and hurtful for Search Industry.  NID ( National Institute of Design) one of the most reputed design institute in Asia. Main Center is in Ahmedabad and has couple of other campus in India. While going through NID’s Website I found that website was compromised for SEO, it was like html injection via script or something.  I called up my brother in law who is IT Supervisor in NID and told him to remove this thing . Continue reading “NID Sets an Example How EDU site is used for Black Hat SEO”

Easy Steps to Install Facebook Social Plugin in your WordPress Website

Facebook developer network recently launched new social plugin for wordpress. This plugin seems very smooth to me. There are plenty of Social Plugins available in wordpress directory for Social Sharing but I think this is an official facebook plugin so it will be used more.

Here is an  link about WordPress plugin announcement on Facebook developers blog. I installed this plugin in 10 minute while watching Germany- Netherlands UEFA match, trust me I did not even look at closely.. it was just click… click and you are through. It may be bit difficult for someone who does not have any technical knowledge so , My this post is for people who wants to add Facebook comment, Facebook login , Facebook sharing on their blog or website without having any knowledge of how to-do it. Continue reading “Easy Steps to Install Facebook Social Plugin in your WordPress Website”

I want someone to build Robonoid (Brainmapping) instead of Humanoid

Robonoid- BrainmappingThis Blog Post is about my Brainfart on one thing and I always wanted to write about .

In Daily life have you experienced? 

  • You find solution for something at particular time but you forget that solution when it actually required to implement or you just forget whole idea after 10 min?
  • While seating on the sofa or lying on bed you find many good ideas to implement but after one hour you don’t even remember what you were thinking?
  • Do you often think that it would have been really good if I had written those thoughts on paper?



If answer of all above questions is yes, go ahead read this post else this is just un-imaginary blog post related to my own psych. Continue reading “I want someone to build Robonoid (Brainmapping) instead of Humanoid”

Matt Cutts ( Googler) on Trying Something New For 30 Days

Web Spam Inspector, Thick Skinned Googler (According his Tweet, I have a proof ) Matt Cutts gave very simple and inspirational speech about trying something for 30 Days.. or Give it shot for 30 days for the change you want to bring in your life.

In Speech he mentioned that as he progressed in doing these 30 days Challenges his confidence improved. (Seriously?!? I still doubt he wanted to uplift his confidence!!!)

Continue reading “Matt Cutts ( Googler) on Trying Something New For 30 Days”

Do Not Track Serious Issue is now being addressed Seriously

Microsoft’s next Internet browser version will have default “do not track” . This is a threat to advertisers. Display ads and paid links are usually displayed as per behavior of Internet User. With default “do not track” scripts which track behavioral search patterns through browser will not be able to do that.

This is positive outcome on “Do Not Track” movement which is being carried through some companies like Twitter, Mozilla now Microsoft.

In a recent statement Microsoft announced that it will have default “Do Not Track’ option in Next version of Internet Browser. IE10 will be the first browser to have “Do not Track” as a default. Here is a blog post From Microsoft’s website where it is mentioned “IE10 also sends the “Do Not Track” signal to Web sites by default to help consumers protect their privacy”

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Multiple Meta Description for Different Search Queries for Same Web Page


When you search for same website for 2 different keywords, can you get different snippet in search results for both keywords?

Say for Example if you search “Company Name” in Google and “Keyword” in Google both search will  show two different snippet in Search Results. Have you ever tried that kind of trick to improve your SEO ?

If you are an SEO Expert then you might be aware of few things about Meta Description & how Google pick up description on search results.

But if you are not from seo background here are few things you need to know, First of all we are talking about this Continue reading “Multiple Meta Description for Different Search Queries for Same Web Page”

Google Algorithm Change Timeline in a New Way

This can be very helpful for Newbie in SEO, who is struggling to identify Google’s Latest Algorithm change. Plenty of Change , lots of Search Quality highlights is happened in last few months. This is my attempt to help SEO People .. I have tried to create Google Algorithm Change Timieline Continue reading “Google Algorithm Change Timeline in a New Way”

Hence Proved Twitter can implicitly improve your rankings – Branded 3

This is latest study I found from a well-reputed SEO Agency of UK. Study says “twitter can affect your ranking”More tweets for URL more chances of improvement on Ranking. It  is really an exciting study . It proves that social signals are going to affect SEO Rankings for sure.I love twitter, so I love to track twitter . Always align Twitter Research with SEO & Web Strategy.

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Project Glass Latest Glimpse via Google Plus

Everyone in Techworld may have noticed Google’s latest ambitious product Project Glass, there are some latest update related to this Project .. Project Glass Team has released picture taken from Project glass testing prototype. Image your to the left is captured from Head Worn Camera. On Google Plus Page of Project Glass they mentioned “We announced Project Glass in part to let our team start testing prototypes outside the office.”

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