Samsung introduces Second Smartwatch range with Tizen OS

The smartwatch industry has got new players. Samsung has come up with its second version of smartwatch for the gear range. It has used its own Operating system -Tizen in place of Android operation system.

Samsung Introduces New Smartwatches

As per the reports, the smartwatches-Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are a friendly devices for the Galaxy smartphone. Last year, the market did not respond well to Samsung’s earlier smart watch version. The company showed the Gear 2 smartphone with a new model, a lighter Gear 2 Neo in an event in Barcelona, just one day prior to the Mobile World Congress event 2014.

Attributes of the Smartwatches

The smartwatches have a pedometer, a heart rate sensor and many other tools to measure sleep, exercise and stress level for the consumer. As mentioned earlier, Tizen operating system operate these watches. Samsung chose to go for Tizen instead of Android software as a part of a strategy of the company to depend less on Google’s platform

But, time will only tell whether Tizen will be able to attract the same breadth and quality of apps to succeed compared to Google Play and Apples’s App store. As of now, the Tizen App store includes apps from Ebay, Evernote, Paypal and CNN etc.

Features of the New Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is now hopeful that its new devices will attract top level clients as they have new features and innovative buildup compared to their first smartwatch.

Speaking of new changes in the new smart watches, the battery life is better than previous version, with a promise of 2-3 days of power. The Gear 2 watch’s camera is now located on the main body of the watch, while some excess material has been left out. While, the Gear 2 Neo does not have a camera but is 13 g lighter in weight.

Samsung says that these both devices offer freedom and style. But technically assessing them, the experts agree that these smartwatches look much like a technology product instead of a fashion item. Meanwhile, Samsung has launched Galaxy S5, the latest version of smartphone  in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. The earlier S4 model has proved to be a huge success in the market.

Samsung is definitely scaling new horizons in the year 2014.

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