ZMOT: Zero Moment Of Truth In Very Plain Simple Way

ZMOT is very well promoted by Google these days.. + it is now a best marketing strategy in any business. But when ever you try to search on “Zero Moment Of Truth” or something like “what is zero moment of truth?” you will have lengthy articles & blog posts which is not possible to understand by normal people 🙂 . Here is my attempt to explain ZMOT ( Zero Moment of Truth) in very simple way..

No Matter where you are in the world .. if you are thinking to buy something important you will ask peer reviews .. like buying a car you will always ask your trustwothy friends and family + existing users of a car… and finally you come to the conclusion that you will go with particular car or with selected options… This process is ZMOT in very simple words..

Now when you imply this for internet..  it stays same… we try to search for reviews, personalized blogs ( if you are little bit more tech savvy) , product websites, comments, consumer forums and other stuff before buying something expensive or valuable…

Now as a service provider or as a produce seller .. you have to engage with your customers to post & write feedback about you .. because it is now a major driving factor of the sales..  This ZMOT has become more and more valuable due to the fact that more and more people have now started to use internet.

After ZMOT ..  when consumer buys it is a FMOT ( first moment of truth) .. here you can device strategy in a way that consumer helps you for your next consumer like ( Product sharing options rightaway, Thank you email with sharing options, integrating social medias so buyer can show that to social network etc etc)

I write for myself.. so most of the time it may be boring and plain.. but I do hope that people who wants to learn they will learn out of CRAP even 🙂

For More on ZMOT  .. Google is here 🙂

Ketan Raval
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