Another Nonsense Post Because of Try Something New 30 Days Challenge

I have promised to write Posts for next 30 days because I am suppose to try something new for next 30 days according to my previous blog post.. It is just to test my own commitment.. how much I can remain committed during busy Professional & Family Life.. Saturday I was free though I tried to finish up one excel tips Presentation to help my SEO Team. I am yet to finish that. Probably right after this post I will do that :). Matt Cutts try something new for 30 days Challenge has started to challenge me 🙂 . This post is nothing more then my morning Walk 🙂

With a sheer determination I woke up early in morning today. My Plan of action was just to get my feet moving because I started to feel myself loosing some energy lately. So I went for walking ( Tomorrow is plan for jogging). In last 3 month I only had seen early morning while returning back from nightout with friends. I finally got some time today to walk and just breath enough to see fresh morning. Usual stuff after walk , black tea with dad in balcony, he offered me newspaper.. I began to flip pages. I found one interesting photo. I believe in god trust me… and day to day my belief is increasing 🙂 but what the heck was this I dont know. I dont believe in pleasing god with these much of food. 🙂

India has millions of poor who can not have 2 time food. lol and here people are busy in offering tons of mangoes to God.

Nothing much happened pretty good Monday. Wrote some important notes,tried to finish some work. Day passed with usual routine work , started to prepare some cool SEO Case Studies for our new website Affordable SEO Services, Website is still not launched so, if you are reading during June-2012 you may get login page. We think we will launch it in June 2012. Couple of office friends watched Ferrai ki savari but I am going to watch Kevi Rite Jais .. Probably tomorrow evening..

Ketan Raval
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