3 Movies I watched in December , I recommend it to all Entrepreneurs, Startups & even professionals

I was on my way to mentoring few clients in bay area on behalf of Lets Nurture. During my flight from India to USA I watched four movies. And I bet each of them are surprisingly so inspiring & I bet very helpful for all entrepreneurs / startups. Here are those 4 movies & my essence for each movie.

Bridges Of Spies

This Tom Hank’s movie is about cold war between Soviet Union & USA. Essence of the movie is sometime solution that you are looking are not the end solution. Sometime even it can be a completely wrong solution. There is always a broader perspective of anything happens to the life. And doing right things at the end matters. ( Regardless of who is against you)


Movie of one my favourite start Jake Gyllenhal. Essence of the movie is Confidence & Practice comes hand in hand , if you miss one you are going to miss the second once.

The Blind Side

Story of Michael Oher, Essence of the movie is there is always something special in every human being. And good parenting can do wonders. Sandra bullock’s character has played a real inspirational role.


Ketan Raval
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