Top 3 Stand-up Comedians in Contemporary Indian TV Art

I have been following standup comedy since I was a kid. May be at that time I did not know that this ll become my inner strength of creating humor around me.  Jaspal Bhatti & Sekhar Suman,these two guys did amazing in 80s-90s.  I was watching comedy circus ( one of the best show for showing your standup comedy art) Today, While watching it I thought I would like to have my own list of  Cool Standup comedian.

Many of you may not know that Vir Das was has appeared in many shows as a standup comedian.   I loved his show “News on the Loose” on CNBC TV18.  Why I am mentioning about vir das in my blog post is after Sekhar Suman era he was the first one who impressed me with special sense of humor on “News on the Loose” Show.. it was different , it was energetic and it was full of modern Indian thought process.I would rate VIR DAS as a Best Stand Up Comedian of India in current time.

Now here is my favorite Standup Comedians

Sudesh & Krisna

I don’t think I need any introduction to these two great TV artists. They are always up to the mark. Krishna is nephew of Famous Indian Superstar Govinda and partner of Kashmira Shah. Sudesh Lehri Amritsar born 44 year old veteran comedian. Sudesh & Krishna always appear together so I would not rate them as an individual. Duo rock the stage with their performances. After Comedy Circus and other comic roles they have acted on various movies also

Here are few of their good videos.

Kapil Sharma

He is a master of insults.. He can make you feel like a king and he can make you feel like nothing. Kapil sharma can turn any indian audience on.  Kapil has also become famous after comedy circus series. He has won many awards and he is favourite contestant of Archana. I would rate him at second position after Sudesh Krishna .. he is simply superb..

Raju Shrivastav / Khayali  / Mantra

There are plenty of other second to none standup comedians in India. But in my opinion .. Raju Shrivastav is inch closer to take third number in my list. He has been one of the best standup comedian who put common Indian society in front of audience with a his own comic style.  Most of his performance was ideologically based on common people and their problem. He is now well known in India and Indian TV Industry.  Apart from Raju, I would say Khayali & Mantra are also good to watch……Here are few  Raju’s  videos.

The best thing about these standup comedians are that all these super talented people are from middle class families of India. They represent true society & culture. And you can easily see how hardworking they are for their performance. Standup comedy is not only belongs to actors, writers are equally important and small script which can make you laugh, which can make you think , which can make long lasting impression in your mindset is very difficult to actually create.

so.. who is yours?

Ketan Raval
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