Just Stay in Touch One Personal Experience With One of My Customer

Staying in Touch is importantStaying in touch is an art , some people have it and some people have to have it ,Obviously ego-less people does it far better . I normally don’t forget  people who did affect my life positively & always try to find a way to stay in touch with them. Sometime even with my clients. Here is a small incident happened with one my SEO client. During my early days he used to give  some regular business for his website promotion. Recently I tried to get in touch with him and found what happened in his life.

Before couple of week I was just going through junk mails and I found few mails from him. During those days I was respecting him because he was paying regular, was ready to make change on website according to my suggestions ( In SEO you normally  have to fight hard to get some changes done on website, I was lucky with him).  So, I just sent him an  e-mail. I got reply and I was stunned.I am attaching screen shot of his reply. Hope it will help plenty of people who do not want to stay in touch with loved ones because of “business” of life.





It was his part of story. I did not reply him with my side of story but story from my side is  also equally life changing. If we break life in 1 year, 2 year or 5 year segments, life at any point of time will look like a redefining, fresh and new.  I am glad on few things like my childhood  & school friends, college friends who are still the same & we meet regularly regardless of how difficult life is. We always stay in touch without self-interest.  😉

Ketan Raval
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