Why My baby is not listening? Can she hear or not?

This was a question which was unsettled for 12 weeks. And suddenly it disappeared. I was so worried that why my baby is not listening, why she is not reacting when I am calling her. It was like worrying questions for me. My mother & my wife knew that it will not happen until 12 weeks. I asked doctors when we took her for vaccination. After 3rd month she was like listening everything and responding very nicely.

So if you are bothered about this question make sure that you baby is at least 12 weeks old. Before 12 week I do not think baby will be able to listen your voice.  Yes, baby reacts sudden loud noise like TV start with full volume or Train passing by or Car Horn or something.

So, if your baby is reacting on above things you do not need to worry why my baby is not listening?


Ketan Raval
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