Family Party at Chokhi Dhani Restaurant Ahmedabad

Last Weekend , My Sister and brother in laws gave party for my wedding at chokhi dhani.  I heard this word from Aditi Raval plenty of times as she does camp fire there often. Wanted to go there but this is very tough time where you can not go where you want to go untill and unless you are forced to 🙂 .  there are so many days where I go to office and office to home.. nothing comes inbetween. Although chokhi dhani experience was wonderful..

Why We Preferred Chokhi Dhani ? Or Garden Restaurant

Normally our family outing is just for kids. And when decide to take diner outside we need a space where my nephews can enjoy it & spend sometime together for family bonding 🙂 Chokhi Dhani has a large space where we can sit and relax.

Village / Rustic Themed Restaurants

Theme restaurant are always loveable 🙂 May be Ravals are fond of Themed Restaurants 🙂 In Ahmedabad our favourite restaurants are mostly village/ rustic themed restaurants such as Rajvadu, the Village, Goras , Agashiyas , Gorbandh , Shiv Shakti Dal Bati ,and now Chokhi Dhani🙂

What We did at Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is Rajasthani Themed Restaurant in Ahmedabad ( but owner is Gujrati , what a great business idea 🙂 )

  • What we did
  • Camel Ride
  • Rajsthani Folk Dance
  • Gujrati Folk Dance
  • Balloon Shoot
  • Archery
  • Rajsthani Folk Artists Show
  • Puppet Show

cant remember more than that

Food at Chokhi Dhani

Food was awesome & nearly authentic rajasthani food. it is difficult in India to find authentic restaurant… Everything is fusion here.. but I can say food was authentic at Chokhi Dhani. I personaly did not like icecream offered at the end.. It was not like my taste :).

Anyway .. there are few more things I found out today 🙂 its that its a chain of restuarants.. and dream of NRI who started this project to spread Rajasthani culture… more you can read on their website

Gotto upload more pictures.. will update in few days..

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