Is this right time to invest in stock market?

I can not lie.. I always like stock market to play some money on it.. but as an entrepreneur my first advise is to invest your money only on yourself. nothing else will help more than that.. 🙂 But if you are doing job or having some stable income .. here are few of my thoughts on current market condition..

Market Condition is Bad so it is very best time to invest

I can say Indian Economy is in bad shape due to some bad news all our the world including poor government policy.. But nothing is changed fundamentally.. India is a big market .. huge production .. huge consumption.. thats pretty straight forward answer to be in India..  more people more needs .. more possibilities..

So, if you have cash on hand it is a very best time to invest for next 5 years..  invest in some stocks and forget it.. 🙂

Top 5  Stock Picks For Indian Market With Low Risk

Cairn India :

it ll have huge benefit on oil pricing deregulation.. and it is still underweight it can double from current price.


one of the largest market capital company of India.. it had become biggest company as per market cap in last 6 month ( do not know exact date) .. it is pricing around 270.. if you can buy anywhere between 250-275.. you can expect double your money in 5 year from here with good amount of dividend.


for the safer side .. buy this one as well very low risk of going below 700.. and very high possibilities to go beyond 1000 in next 2 years.


it has given solid returns .. in 5 year this stock will go a lot more ahead.. may be 3-4 times from current price level..  it is just a matter of time when large brokerage house look upon this script.. it can happen anytime


Public Sector Unit.. this company has a lot of potential. I had bought it around 100 once and sold it at around 220.. now its around 170.. it can go around 250 in 3 months from here.. very low risk it will never go below 140 as per my knowledge

Do I have these stocks?

yes, I have all these stocks in very small amount may be like 25-50 🙂 it is not something that I do for getting money but it is something that keeps me taking risk and help me to learn seizing an opportunity 🙂

If you are looking to invest for 5 years.. it is very best time to invest in any large cap company or fundamentally good midcap company..

Ketan Raval
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