Samruddhi turned 3


THREE! I am still not able to believe it’s been three years my daughter – Samruddhi has made her entrance into this beautiful world and completely changed our lives for the better. Three beautiful, wonderful, magical, drama-filled, chaotic (almost in the funny way) years.

She is the answer to my prayers. What a blessing and complete gift she has been to our family; almost completed our clan!

These three years have been nothing short of incredible. With each and every milestone, I grow more and more proud of her. She continuously surprises me with the things she does and the things she says. Many a times I wonder, if she is too smart at her age or if I’m just biased. Being three years old, she is growing each day into a kind, confident, independent, and thoughtful little girl.

I always wish her to keep on laughing and learning in the year ahead. I love her to the moon and back and way more than that!


Ketan Raval
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