Why I did not like to stay away from my family

I have been asked this questions so many time .. why you prefer to stay in Ahmedabad with your family? Some said I have compromised on career, some blamed that I can not leave Ahmadabad etc ..  every other night I have tried to ask this question for myself also. Yesterday I got an answer of it.. it was exactly the reason why I prefer to stay with family..

Yesterday was  annual meeting of society where we are living.. it was typical general meeting with issues and discussion.. ( I usually never preferred to stay in general meeting but as I am being adult I have started to do that)  My father always take part in so he was there till the end.. at the end we were discussing what happened what should be right etc etc.. typical postmortem by people seating in chair in open compound of society. 🙂 ..

After all discussion and annual dinner.. my father was just walking towards our flat.. I was just right behind him ( 1 step) .. he suddenly slipped and lost balance.. I was right behind him and I caught him. that incident is a answer why we I stayed with family.

I do not think career or ambition come ahead of family values..  Its an idiotic thing to think that you have to choose only one thing between career and family.. there are successful people all around us who has not compromised on family values or have given enough time for family and choose to stay with family instead going nuclear in the race of capitalism.

Ketan Raval
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