Social Sunday: Hijras/Eunuch Money A social Failure of System

I know it’s very difficult subject to discuss and its very bold to comment on this issue. But I have balls J.  I am not against any community ( by the time I learned this thing.. let people have their own choices) But I am against corrupted mindset and opportunists who is just damaging this country.


Last Week,  One Hijra / Eunuch came at my home asking for money because of Holi and  “badhai” for my second marriage J .  We ended up paying 500 INR. ( I could not stop because my mother was overwhelmed & my wife was confuse) .  My mother offered her Ice cream & gave her one sari.  This is ridiculous and I had initiated fight with my mother.. that we should not do that.. we are bound to change on these issue it is hurtying our country & economy. It is encouraging corrutption.

I have some questions

  • Do we have Professional Tax on Hijra / Eunuch?
  • One family 1000 INR Per year = 1000000000000 INR Cash Business  ?!?   
  • Are you afraid of Hijras ? Most of people say yes.. they are afraid.( Based on my thinking)
  • Do you think they donate it?

Shall we change this issue ? And how we can help hijra community?

  1. If you want to give some money as a donation. ..try to minimize it .. do not just give because you don’t want to create drama .. they take leverage of it.. just enjoy their drama and be clear that you are not going to give more.
  2. Never think they are god’s messenger.  It is completely idiotic to relate them with religion. (if they do not relate themselves with religion , they will never get a donation)
  3. Most importantly there should be an organization which can give them employment.. if they join main stream of society they will loose interest in these activities. As I am pretty sure no body wants to be corrupt but its their situation which makes them corrupted. We should offer appropriate employment to this community. May be government can do something on it as well.
  4. Let them live common life.. lets teach our kids that they are part of our society.. do not be afraid .. give same kind of respect what we are giving to normal human ( dont give special status as well)

What do you think about Hijras/eunuch & its soft terror on our pshycology. I write what I felt.. its not that I lost 500 INR so I am against this community but I felt bad that I helped one more cash transaction which is not going to reflect in our economy..and there is a vast chance of going this cash into wrong hand… on the other thing there should not be any discrimination for these people.. we need equality…. Gender equality means Equality with Genderless too.

Do you know Hijra Can note Vote? Because they can not specify them either male or female

 PS: I have know many good eunuchs who are self employed and also always ready to help society. So this is not an attempt to defame this community.. my point of issue is that we need to upgrade our social system.

Ketan Raval
Working for Lets Nurture , working on few other things for Lets Nurture Org r Moncton Cares.. spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports, love to spend time with good people instead of smart people...