Glad to have movie on Marry Kom


Mary Kom MovieI am very glad to see that movie on Marry Kom is coming and that is also before Sachin Tendulkar’s movie J . No wonder we may see a movie on Sachin very soon. But As we know our sport system is suffering from paralysis, we need to promote other sports a lot and if we have to sacrifice cricket for that we should be ready to that.

Why Other Sports should be encouraged in the country?

I have my own idea of good society. I believe

  1. Sports lover country would be tightly knitted society
  2. Will encourage healthy society.
  3. Will bring more investment from foreign sports gear companies.
  4. Will bring confidence on international level

I have written about this in past as well.. that there are many sports person in India who should get same amount of respect what Sachin is getting. They have done enough for our country & their sport. We should think beyond sachin for sure.. and I am glad we have done Bhag Milkha Bhag, Marry Kom and Chak de kind of movies..

Ketan Raval
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