this is how my Sunday became beautiful

I have been thinking about local sustainability issue And I was consciously trying to work on sustainability.


Last Sunday I was out to buy some furniture. I decided to go to Furniture Bazaar at Thaltej. I parked my car. I saw street food vendor selling Aloo Paratha & Idli Sambhar. I ordered one plat aloo paratha , he served it just like normal. I can not say food was best but it was not at all below standard at $0.3. I gave him some tip on top of the food cost, guy stared it me once ( like he was thinking i am an idiot) I left from there and went to furniture shop. When I came back he was taking his lunch ( it was late surely between 2:00 to 3:00), I went there and asked why this late?

And he replied he only take lunch after serving at least one customer from his stall 🙂
I thanked everyone who directly or indirectly kept me hungry on that day so I tried one plate at his place & the guy got his lunch. ( When I was eating aloo paratha at his place 1 customer came, asked price, asked how long it will take & then went away, who else can feel this emotion then another businessman )

Experiences like this makes life beautiful… what do you say?

Ketan Raval
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