this is how my Sunday became beautiful

I have been thinking about local sustainability issue And I was consciously trying to work on sustainability.


Last Sunday I was out to buy some furniture. I decided to go to Furniture Bazaar at Thaltej. I parked my car. I saw street food vendor selling Aloo Paratha & Idli Sambhar. I ordered one plat aloo paratha , he served it just like normal. I can not say food was best but it was not at all below standard at $0.3. I gave him some tip on top of the food cost, guy stared it me once ( like he was thinking i am an idiot) I left from there and went to furniture shop. When I came back he was taking his lunch ( it was late surely between 2:00 to 3:00), I went there and asked why this late?

And he replied he only take lunch after serving at least one customer from his stall 🙂
I thanked everyone who directly or indirectly kept me hungry on that day so I tried one plate at his place & the guy got his lunch. ( When I was eating aloo paratha at his place 1 customer came, asked price, asked how long it will take & then went away, who else can feel this emotion then another businessman )

Experiences like this makes life beautiful… what do you say?

Unconventional Ideas For Beautiful World

Unconventional Ideas:- Most of the time we try to tell explain people that how different our story, how distinctive we are from others. In Search of that usually everyone lose their originality. But if we observe closely around our world there are always some beautify unconventional ideas.

Last week I was coming back from the Big data conference & was waling towards my apartment. I found one simple gesture which was pretty unconventional. But it had deeper impact about how simple communication can be ( if we really want) .

IN 2016 people will not spend much time with in the App

Yes, you are right , Spending time with in app will reduce significantly in 2016. How? And Why? More and more apps are being published every year . But users have 24hrs in a day. Businesses know that user does not want everything which is residing in the app at particular point of time.

How User Experience is going to change this year?

Imaging your phone is locked, you received a message notification!! how about the functionality to read , reply , delete message from the  notification center? Yes, Many of them have noticed you can do a lot more now with notification center itself. This is going to make communication faster, Will also reduce time spent with in mobile app. To prove my points here are some of my real time examples.

This is will reduce time app user spent with in app but on the other side app user will have a lot better user experience. Specially when all businesses wants you to spend time more and more with their mobile apps.

Biggest User experience change in 2016 would be “User interactions will not require new screens or redirection”

Most Popular Types Of Tea You Should Know

Globally, anytime is a tea time and the most consumed beverage after water. The story of how a Camellia sinensis (botanical name of tea plant) shoot with twin leaves and a bud became the most popular beverage after water is a romantic one.

A Chinese emperor accidentally discovered it when a few leaves fell into a pot of boiling water, rendering it flavoured and energetic. From carrying innumerable history in its’ wake like The Boston Tea Party to being part of diverse cultures & being reflected in literature like the Tea Party in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland, Tea is a super beverage.

Globally India, Kenya, China & Sri Lanka lead the tea exports. In terms of annual consumption, Ireland leads the charts. There are several varieties of tea, each determined after the processing of the leaves in a different amount of time and proportions, namely White, Black, Green, & Oolong.

All the difference comes from how fresh leaves of the tea plant are processed and their level of contact with oxygen. During oxidation, tea leaves undergo natural chemical reactions that result in distinctive colour and taste.

Ideally, tea is a healthy tonic because of the absence of sodium, fats, carbonation or sugar; hence, it is almost calorie free. Tea promotes fluid balance in the body and contains natural antioxidants. Tannin which contributes to taste and pungency of tea also holds for the health benefits of it. gives you a glimpse of the most popular tea that continue to energize and freshen people across the world.

Black Tea

The universal tea, the black tea is the most consumed tea in the world. Black tea leaves are extracted from Camellia sinensis plant. They are subjected to rolling & fermentation following which the leaves are dried, crushed and heated at about 1832 degree F, to yield the finest black tea. Owing to containing about 40 mg caffeine per cup, black tea has a slightly bitter flavour. The presence of antioxidants Theaflavins and Thearubigins which are linked to reducing cholesterol levels, makes Black tea imbibing a healthy habit. It is also believed to cut the risk of stroke.

Green Tea

In comparison to Black tea, Green tea has milder & palatable taste. Camellia sinensis leaves are dried and heated soon after they are picked. The heating process could be steaming (Japanese Green tea) or Pan firing (Chinese Green tea).
Sencha, Genmaicha Gyukuro & Matcha are few well known Green tea of Japanese origin. Likewise, Gunpowder and Longjing belong to the Chinese tea gardens. This terminates the fermentation process. Caffeine content per cup in Green tea is about 25 mg. Green tea is rich in antioxidants Catechin.
Catechin is well researched to lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and lower blood pressure. Consumption of Green tea soothes the mood and provides a relief from stress.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is fermented in a similar manner as Black tea but is fermented for shorter durations. It is the most complex variety of tea. Taiwanese Oolongs like Baozhong, Da Hong Pao, Jin Xuan, Dong Ding, and Tieguanyin are popular across the world. Tea preparation contains about 30 mg caffeine per cup.
Flavour of Oolong tea varies distinctly and ranges from sweet, honey like, milky, or roasted. When it comes to weight loss by consuming tea, the indication is towards Oolong tea. Oolong activates enzymes that dissolve triglycerides in cells and triggers weight loss. Oolong is rich in antioxidants and is recommended by dieticians for its’ health benefits.

White Tea

Camellia sinensis leaves are picked young and tender and processed to yield White tea. This renders White tea milder compared to any other variety. White tea contains about 15 mg of caffeine per cup. The less processing of leaves implies that White tea contains more amounts of antioxidants. Consuming White tea assists in cancer prevention and boosts general immunity of the body. Regular consumption of White tea has been associated with improved glucose tolerance and hiked cardiovascular health.

Herbal Tea

Technically speaking, Herbal tea is not tea. They are herbal infusions, popularly known as Tisanes. Tisanes are brews from herbs, floral parts, fruits and roots. Chamomile tea for instance induces sleep.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea originates from South Africa and is quite popular in the African continent and the Middle East. Again, Rooibos is not extracted from Camellia sinensis, but from the roots and twigs of Rooibos.
The preparation is caffeine free. The tea is has a sweet and nutty flavour and aids in digestion.

Darjeeling Tea

One of the costliest tea in the world, the Darjeeling tea finds home at Darjeeling region in India. The tea leaves have a distinct flavour. Darjeeling tea is known by sobriquets like “Queen of all tea”, “Champagne of all tea” etc.
The flavour is nutty, sweet and palatable. It is milder than Black tea. During the British rule in India, British preferred Darjeeling tea for their afternoon tea session.

Indian Masala Chai

The special concoction consumed quite frequently has the origins in India and is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is a perfect blend of spices and tea. Black tea serves as foundation for Indian masala chai.
Black tea decoction, sugar and milk combine to make masala chai. Masala means spices. Indian tea is flavoured using variety of spice options like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and pepper. For a change, sugar can be replaced by jaggery or honey. Consuming tea has been a part of Indian culture for ages.

Iced Tea

It all began in 1904 in St. Louis world fair, when Richard Blechynden, one of the participants could not sell his hot tea owing to hot summer. He experimented introducing the iced tea to his visitors and that was the eureka moment for him and the world. Since then Iced tea became not only popular, but also a multi-billion dollar industry. Iced tea is also available in cans and tetra packs.

Flavoured Tea

The natural flavour of tea is twisted by the addition of few commonly available as well as exotic ingredients. Flavouring brings the special aroma and makes the tea milder and refreshing.
So what twist can you add? Check out!!!

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is quite popular around the world. Black tea is inoculated with lemon juice to pamper the tongue with hot flavoured Lemon tea. Sugar can be a great taste maker into it. Lemon tea refreshes moods, and makes conversations lively. And it comes with truckloads of health benefits too.
Lemon juice itself is rich in antioxidants and forms a great combo with tea to boost immunity, fight cancer, aid weight loss, and burn fat and cure common cold and flu. This tea is perfect for the lazy mornings.

Peach Tea

It may surprise you, but Peach flavoured tea is one of the most popular tea across the world. Peach tea suits being served at beaches, swimming pool and clubs as afternoon tea, although it is preferable at any part of the day. It is usually consumed cold or iced and served sweet.

Rose Tea

Black tea is simmered with rose petals to derive this concoction. Rose tea is ideal for a date, romantic evening or along with candle light dinner.

Cinnamon Tea

Adding Cinnamon to the boiling tea leaves renders it strong and spicy. This is preferable during cold winters for any time tea cravings. Cinnamon with its’ own properties to fight cold makes it a great sip.

Orange Peel Tea

Adding Orange peel while the tea leaves are boiled adds a tang to it. The fruity flavoured drink can be consumed cold as well as hot.

Jasmine Tea

Adding floral parts of Jasmine with tea leaves brings in the anti-ageing properties present in the jasmine plant. The light flavoured Jasmine tea is laden with antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals occurring in the body.

Mint Tea

Addition of mint infuses the juices from mint and yields a tempting mint tea. Known to calm stomach and refresh moods, mint tea is consumed hot. It is a natural stimulant with less amount of caffeine and palatable.
Likewise, addition of Lavender or basil spikes the tea to achieve an incomparable ecstasy.
With so many flavourful tea to stock up in your kitchen, the miracle drink can never be short of admirers.
So, do try the most popular types of tea and don’t forget to write your reviews over here.

Social Media- Which Way It is Heading?

One of the craziest myths to be shattered in the last decade is that Old generation is not tech savvy and would crib on the younger generation being glued to the social media. We can find even the older generation trying to create their identity in the virtual world.
The affirmative side of the story- social media connects all.
The Other side- Does it really connect? The biggest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is illusion of the knowledge.

Perhaps beyond the conventional issues faced by the society as terrorism, pollution, political disturbances, a giant menace that has masked well and is difficult to uncover is the one created by abundant usage of social media.

One day when every gadget would be connected by thin invisible wires the so called social animal would be disconnected with the real visible world.

Ask people around you and they will boast of their followers, friend lists and the huge online popularity and to make things worse, they love it that way. Being engaged today includes being busy online and that is hugely becoming acceptable.

With millions of people spending on an average of 2 hours a day on a given social networking site, it is bound to create a commendable effect on the way people think, see and form opinions. It has become the most sorted medium of communication for the people who love to interact beyond the distance and time frame, yes, it is such an influencer that it never tires anyone until and unless one withdraws oneself from it. The electronic connections have become much more significant than the real life connection and people have started judging you by your followers and following.

This also amounts to revealing underlying issues of teenage obesity, short-lived relationships, emotional trauma, and a race to a sense of image superiority fueling jealousy and breeding unhealthy competition.

Let’s not complicate it by going deep into the virtues and woes of the social networking though many would agree that the social networking is not working the way it should have. The essence is somewhere lost in the quantitative evaluation than the qualitative accountability.

The trending topics take the shape of the typhoon and in no time reach every nook and corner but who cares to check if they were worth enough to take that gigantic shape OR check the starting point OR if they have maintained the dignity of the cause? Do we?

One and all are responsible for the fading charm that was once considered to be a ‘fix’ meeting place for the people who have nowhere to go but social media to voice their opinion. Today all we care is the trending topics and jump into the train without even knowing the truth. The social media is  gormandizing us and somewhere we are happy about it.

The social media is like a buffet lunch set on an embellished table and you simply pick what you like.

Nevertheless, it was not as eroded as earlier. A solid platform that has given a chance to millions to say which no other medium would take the interest in. To interact with people, they never thought exist. To know the truth of the other side of the coin. To repair the damage done earlier and sometimes even before. And, to bring a revolution even without stepping on the road with candles.

The Bane with the Social Media– the true fragrance that is somewhere lost in the current time where rumors travel faster than the reality, paid influencers trick people in believing them, and how a simple sentence is twisted and turned into sensational news.  It just takes a click and the words fly far and wide.

Politics and rigidity have dented open-minded discussions, logical interactions have taken back seat and communication gap has widened. Well, the fault is that the social media users do not verify facts before accepting it. The sole aim of the social media was to offer a platform to share ideas, interact in good faith and connect the world, but the disdainfulness has crept in and few are making it a platform to fulfill their personal agenda.

If you thought I am in the favor of curtailing the freedom of the social media, and a campaigner to bring some tough laws to keep a control on it then you got it all wrong!

 More the laws, more the menace.

I agree that social media has slipped off & need to be disciplined but again, it is everyone’s responsibility to use it delicately and dedicate especially the newbie who start without understanding the basics of the social media.

Less of interaction and more of confrontation is the new flavor of the social media. Earlier, it was engagement and now its an argument.

Swamped by the people with different interests in mind, it is a clever idea to play it safe and not get carried away with the flow.

Howbeit, it has a long way to go and just like the river’s meandering course, social media too is meandering and will cut straight provided people are educated and know what they are up to.

3 Movies I watched in December , I recommend it to all Entrepreneurs, Startups & even professionals

I was on my way to mentoring few clients in bay area on behalf of Lets Nurture. During my flight from India to USA I watched four movies. And I bet each of them are surprisingly so inspiring & I bet very helpful for all entrepreneurs / startups. Here are those 4 movies & my essence for each movie.

Bridges Of Spies

This Tom Hank’s movie is about cold war between Soviet Union & USA. Essence of the movie is sometime solution that you are looking are not the end solution. Sometime even it can be a completely wrong solution. There is always a broader perspective of anything happens to the life. And doing right things at the end matters. ( Regardless of who is against you)


Movie of one my favourite start Jake Gyllenhal. Essence of the movie is Confidence & Practice comes hand in hand , if you miss one you are going to miss the second once.

The Blind Side

Story of Michael Oher, Essence of the movie is there is always something special in every human being. And good parenting can do wonders. Sandra bullock’s character has played a real inspirational role.


Bringing Smiles & Finding a meaning of life – I’m Kalam


We Ahmedabad Global Shapers team had a great time watching I’m Kalam 🙂 . We planned it to watch with kids who are under privileged & do not have access to Television. We all gathered opposite doordarshan tower & managed to create a screen from whatever white cloth we had.

It was a moment for us when we asked to kid “who was Kalam?” and one kid answer ” that kid in the move was Kalam” 🙂 it served the purpose entirely 🙂

Looking forward to do this again n again n again 🙂

Life Moves Fast She is now 2 years :)

Life has been going so fast that never got a good chance to write much. But there is nothing which can stop writing my journal. 🙂 So here this one is for Samrudhdhi. She just turned 2 in this October.
We had a small get together with friends & family. No matter what it is always good to stay connected with the people whom you always like to stay connected. 🙂

School !!! Nursery !!! Playgroup !!!
Once your kid is 2 years old you start thinking about her school. Now our main objective is to find a good school & relocate to near her school !!! seems like a Mission 🙂

Got Awarded For Bloodmonk

It is always a great feeling when someone appreciate your work. We have been doing lot of activities around our city Ahmedabad. Our Team has been working on few areas like Immediate Blood Fulfillment in Ahmedabad ( visit  , Co-Initiated by Amit Panchal ) Clothes & Life Saving Material arrangement for Under privileged people of Ahmedabad ( visit )

For our work about Bloodmonk we got awarded by Mitesh Sethwala ( Founder of , We appriciate your gesture Mitesh & all the best for Ala grand Success.

On Behalf of Blood monk just a small appeal ” Come Ahead & Save life , thats the best joy you can have in your life “