Startup Zone Charlottetown, PEI

It would be unfair If Startup Zone does not get a blog post on Personal Blog.

Last 3 months have been crazy as I have been stationed here in Charlottetown , PEI  which certainly has impacted few of the ventures I am involved it.  You almost try to justify about your decision you make. When you are stationed in small town your life tends to slowdown.

Being selected at Innovation PEI , I had an opportunity to select office space at Launch Pad PEI and Atlantic Center as well as at offices in Summerside. But I just wrote an email to Pattric ( CEO SUZ) and He just told me get in. And thats it. I have never seen such welcoming gesture in past.

(I remembered before few years I had approach NIDus for getting one design startup incubated. CEO at NIDus ripped me apart 🙂 After that I have nurtured 3 startups & generated more than USD 2 Mn in Revenue with no external funding.) 

If any good thing has happened to me in last 3 months then it is Startup Zone. I met few amazing folks from SUZ PEI team ( Pattric, Medlyn, Erin are freaking great).

Every workshop I attended has added value into my life learning lesson. This is like a Christmas to me.

If I have reason to come back to Charlottetown PEI  after my vacation then it is Startup Zone PEI.

Business is Built on Relationship

I want to discuss about the foundation about how relationships boosts our business. My friends often ask me about strategy to develop any new startup. I can spend hours talking about choosing in perfect networking events, finding right sales people, training on products and services and much more. But everything boils down within one sentence “Business is built on relationships.”

What does that mean actually? Relationships are like two sides of the coin and if you want to a successful one then it needs work. And I look my business relationships as personal relationships and I do care about each and every person as much as I value business. I can point out some.

business relationship
business relationship

Relate your Client

Here relating to client doesn’t mean how product or service is relevant to theirs. Let me explain, it is important to discuss these areas but also it is necessary to know your client on a personal level as well. What I am trying to say is get into some common topic and discuss about it. Many a times we get to caught up trying to negotiate business and we almost forget to get to know the person we are trying to do business with. We have many people having a great business minds and plans, a good product/service but they don’t always have someone they like that offers these solutions.

Respond your Client

Always respond genuinely after responding your client. Get them aware that you understood their concerns and convince them to offers best solutions for their problems. I can’t elaborate many sales employees, I’ve watched have failed to respond in the way that they are listening to the client’s needs. When we respond in a way that shows we have best interest in mind fills the distance in our relationship.

Align your Solutions with needs of Clients

Elaborate how exactly your products and service offers best applicable solutions, how they fit needs and give them reason why it works better than other alternate solutions. To know this your should be well-versed with your competitors’ products/services. And to reveal your solution as a best one, you need to understand their needs better than they do.

Be Reliable

Make yourself available to answer questions smoothly, add value to what they are trying to do. When we are reliable for our clients we can enable them to lean on us with trust. They will question our solution less as they will understand that we will maintain relationship, do not compromise with the value in working with them.

Recover after Setbacks

Each relation has a setback. We are never going to be able to deliver completely on expectations since they will be many unpredicted reasons. Make sure the client knows how important their need it to you. Suggest solutions, work for resolve  and find smooth over the problem. Taking responsibility is not always someone needs, many a times they simply want you not to point a finger and jump in aggressively to find a solution to the problem. When we work to recover from a problem we bring back the trust into our business relationships as we see that we can accept ownership of problems and handle them without any hassles.

Know why your customer opted your solutions

It’s important to know what your customers bought rather than what you sold them. And more importantly, it is important to know why they bought it. We think they bought our services because we turned out to be reliable to them or cheaper to them or they had no other offers for them. But the real reason can only be explained by understanding your customer’s requirements and the real reason why they want that particular solution.

Obviously, business is built on relationships and if we can build our relationships stronger, our success will grow exponentially.

Meeting With Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

During my last visit of USA. I have been to Silicon Valley for a week. It was an amazing week. Met few of my clients like & . Find best best casino: browse this site and win jackpot! I went to an awesome meetup for the entrepreneurs in Mountain View.

I am here by putting some of the screenshots I had taken it will help you to understand how good it was 🙂

  • Topics were
  • When & how you should raise funds
  • Validating your ideas & Prototypes
  • Story Telling
  • How to stay relevant?

Who is the most important person in the organization?

This is an interesting question which everyone has to understand deeply. Many time people start thinking who is the most important person in any organization? What I think is 99% of the time people with in the organization or outside the organization fails to understand this thing. Why? Continue reading “Who is the most important person in the organization?”

Bulldozers & bullwhips – Interesting Story By Seth Goddin

Seth Goddin is one of my favorite , just like Peter Drucker… he is so clear on his thoughts that it just get into someone’s brain like an arrow…. here is from his latest blog post.. truly thoughtful ..

Bulldozers and bullwhips

Bulldozers work because they are incredibly heavy. It’s fine that they’re slow, they’re powerful indeed.

Bullwhips work because they are incredibly fast. The superlight bit of leather at the end of the whip travels faster than the speed of sound, hence the crack.

Organizations often thrive because they have huge mass, they are irresistible forces, going where they are pointed. But they don’t get there quickly. Continue reading “Bulldozers & bullwhips – Interesting Story By Seth Goddin”

How to Register a Business in Ahmedabad?

I am writing few simple steps you guys need to take care while starting a business in Ahmedabad.. it is always good to learn from someone else’s experience, mistakes and success .. .. here are basic things that you should take care while thinking of doing business in Ahmedabad.

1) Register a Firm : no matter how much you are going to earn.. if you are freelancer or just a part time worker.. get your money in registered firm .. it has long term benefits ( like age of your firm, credit records of your firm) .. All you need to get is one certificate it is called Gumastadhara Certificate ..  For registering firm in Ahmedabad ..You can download that Forms from here  Download Forms Continue reading “How to Register a Business in Ahmedabad?”

3 Most Important Tips For Improving Productivity

My Entire Life is focused on improving productivity… in organization or in customer’s organization .. in family relations or in any non-profit organization.. I have learned few simple tricks for finishing task quickly with maximum Focus.. I am just sharing it as I feel that People are always complaining about unable to finish or achieve things they want.. ( obviously I have also not achieved all I wanted :)) though.. check it out.. Continue reading “3 Most Important Tips For Improving Productivity”

When Your Ideas Get Copied or Executed Well by others

As an entrepreneur these thing will always happen in your life. When you are busy achieving everything you somehow miss the pace of life and suddenly you see your ideas are being copied and executed well by others.

What to do when these things happens?

Always stay positive and move on you were busy doing your priority things that is the reason it happened. That means that you were doing something more meaningful in your circumstances.

How to prevent this happening?

To be very honest we cannot prevent this thing happening. Lot of people are having lot of ideas. All you can do is to try to finish what you are thinking as soon as possible. Do not depend on others and do not much worry about repercussions. if you are confident enough it will work.

Fuck The Frustration

You Can not stay with frustration or people who frustrate you. You have to be solid and stay tuned with what you are doing. Just fuck the frustration and move ahead. Lot of things are there which are only being done by you and can be done by you what say?