Bridging Cultures: My Journey to Moncton’s Unforgettable Knowledge-Sharing Scavenger Hunt

As an immigrant to the vibrant city of Moncton, I’ve always been eager to embrace the local culture and connect with my fellow newcomers. However, one of my long-standing ambitions was to do more than just that. I wanted to create an event that would not only bring diverse communities together but also provide a platform for us to learn about the First Nations, whose rich history is deeply intertwined with the land we now call home.

What unfolded was beyond my wildest dreams—a historic knowledge-sharing scavenger hunt that left an indelible mark on all of us fortunate enough to participate.

You won’t believe the amazing knowledge-sharing scavenger hunt we had! It was an absolute blast and a historic occasion as First Nations generously shared their wisdom about the land and culture with newcomers. What made it even more thrilling was the use of an augmented reality-based scavenger hunt app, which transported us into an immersive world of indigenous knowledge. It was an experience we’ll never forget!

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My journey to this point had been a personal one. As an immigrant, I initially knew very little about the First Nations and Indigenous culture. However, I recognized the importance of gaining this knowledge to truly understand and appreciate the place I now called home.

With a vision in mind, I set out to bring this idea to life. With the support of local community leaders and the invaluable guidance of First Nations representatives, we began crafting an event that would not only bridge cultural divides but also educate us all.

The concept of a scavenger hunt resonated with me because it promised adventure, teamwork, and an opportunity to explore Moncton’s history and culture. But what set this event apart was the integration of augmented reality (AR) technology, which promised to immerse us in indigenous knowledge like never before.

On the day of the event, excitement was in the air. Participants, a mix of newcomers like me and First Nations members, gathered at the starting point, ready for an adventure that would open our eyes to the rich tapestry of First Nations culture.

As we embarked on our journey, the AR app came to life, transforming our surroundings into an enchanting tapestry of indigenous wisdom. We learned about the land, the plants, the animals, and the stories passed down through generations. It was as if history itself was whispering its secrets to us, guiding us through the intricacies of First Nations culture.

Throughout the scavenger hunt, I felt a deep sense of connection with my fellow newcomers and the First Nations participants. Conversations flowed effortlessly, questions were asked, and friendships were forged. It was a powerful reminder of the shared humanity that binds us all.

The scavenger hunt concluded with a heartwarming gathering, where we shared a meal and our experiences. It was a moment of reflection, gratitude, and a shared commitment to continue building bridges between our communities.

As I look back on that unforgettable day, I can’t help but feel a profound sense of fulfillment. The knowledge-sharing scavenger hunt wasn’t just an event; it was a realization of a personal ambition, a celebration of diversity, and a tribute to the First Nations’ rich heritage. Moncton, you’ve shown me the beauty that emerges when cultures come together to learn, share, and grow, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Ketan Raval
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