Moncton is now having its first Hindu temple

Since we moved to Moncton we had one concern there was no place of worship for us. My brain never stopped thinking about how this can be done. Usually, you need a critical mass to support such kind of an initiative. 

After 3 years now I can see the dream coming true. We have now Hindu Temple in Moncton. 

What it is in Moncton for having a Hindu temple in Moncton?

Moncton has a geographical challenge to keep newcomers in town. Inter-provincial as well as intra-province. Indian is the largest growing newcomer population in Moncton. 70% of Indians are Hindu and also many people moving from UAE, Nepal, and Mauritius are also belonging to the Hindu faith.

The Hindu temple in Moncton will increase the retention probability of Indians.  Also, Indians are family and community oriented. Extended family circles are part of family circles in Indian communities. And the temple is the place that enables these communities to perform more events and rituals. 

So Hindu temple in Moncton will have its own advantage for the City of Moncton ( Dieppe and Riverview) for newcomers integration. 

Tune in to my CBC Interview Hindu Temple opens in Moncton

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Ketan Raval
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