Great Indian Phenomena

Recent Meltdown of our batting order during 1st Cricket Test Match against Australia portrays great Indian phenomena.

I  feel Indian batting should start from 3rd batsman , first 2 should be kept in waiting until all other gets out. NO kidding We probably end up scoring more by this way #cricket #India

Great Indian phenomena exists everywhere including cricket  most valuable people (Cheteshwar & Rohit) has to keep proving themselves again,again and again & overrated steals the show.

Gautam Gambhir played his last test at 32 years, Irfan Pathan played last test at 24years (Can you believe it ?)  & Murali Vijay is in team at 34. Probably only Indian opener without single man of the match award after 50 plus test cap. I ll standby with view of getting rid of him from an Indian cricket team even if he performs well in this season.

Here are 10 simple ways to recover the loses of revenue if govt reduces state taxes on fuel.

  • Increase Driving License fees 5 times from what it has current for all kind of personal licenses.( Current fee is ranging from 150 to 200 INR ). Increase four wheeler LMV license cost to minimum 5000 INR.
  • Reduce Driving License renewal tenures to 3 years for first time driving license holder. Impose hefty renewal fees up to 5 times for irregular drivers. Renewal can be made only by paying extra fees based on number of time tickets received on particular license. ( Giving 20 years of license validity is absolute nonsense)
  • Private Vehicle Above 1499 CC should have 3-5 times more road tax. with a yearly renewal cost as well.
  • Double the Road tax & Insurance for second four-wheeler on same residential address.
  • Double the PUC Fees for four wheelers (it is 50 INR) & reduce tenure of PUC from 6/12 months to 3 months.
  • Toll Tax for private registration vehicles should increase on all state boarders.
  • Increase International Driving Permit fees from 1000 to 5000 INR. (Person Is leaving the county, he must have enough to pay & he must pay his debt to country, state and city.)
  • Increase taxes on Automobile Accessories.
  • Impose 1000 INR fees on State Boarder crossing for personal vehicles (excluding boarder district vehicle)
  • Start Corporate transport subsidiary funded by PPP model ( Who would not be interested in major cities to have corporate transport for employees, it can save millions in buying parking lots)

Average 1 million new licenses are being issued  yearly & State has total 23 Million vehicle. I think it should be enough to help people who really can not afford fuel prices going high. Other then causing effect on inflation higher fuel prices has detrimental effect on society from dropping out from schools, dropping out from extra activities, concentrated population as well as brain drain from the state & country.

I urge  government to Reduce State taxes on Fuel in direct proportion to revenue received from these sources.

Sometimes you have to Break Down to go up.

It is so phenomenal that when you grow you tend to slow , everything around you feel is pacing up & you keep thinking how do I pace it up.  In this fast-moving world don’t get broke instead of that break down.

Breaking down seems to be the best approach.

No matter how humongous task is breaking it down in small pieces can help us to achieve it faster and efficiently.  Drill down the simple approach

  • Break it down objectives for daily, weekly , monthly
  • Retrospect progress everyday , revise and readjust for next week.
  • Delegate what can be done by someone else.
  • Only pursue the goal if you are not going to regret the time you will waste if it fails.
  • Keep Hustling

 This year has been really amazing , We increased our Net Profit , Average Hourly Rates by constant & steady improvements in processes and with communication.

9 World war movies which I really liked a lot..

I love history of Mankind. And it has been always my favourite subject. We did not learn a lot about world war during our school. We had two chapters but that was it. And I believe our teachers & professors also had a very limited knowledge or access to information about World war ( Probably India has its own history & as India as a nation has not played big role in world war , our society does not possess a curiosity about it). It is so interesting that every country has its own perception about it ( World war) . By watching these movies I got to know a lot about World war, which I could not get during my schooling.

List of world war , post world war & cold war movie would be too long but here is list of my favourite world war movies

  1. Land of Mines ( Danish) :
  2. The Imitation Game ( English):
  3. Inglorious Bastards ( English):
  4. Labyrinth of Lies ( German):
  5. The Pianist ( Polish):
  6. Enemy At Gates ( English):
  7. Female Agents ( French):
  8. Railway Man (English):
  9. Anthropoid ( English):

I strongly recommend all of these movies .. all of them have something unique to tell. I decided to write this blog post write after watching LAND OF MINES  🙂

Do not forget to share me your favourite world war movie list..


My New Office


After many steady years of operations and progressively growing clientele and employees, my first office is a hit and I was ready to open up another one. Opening my second own office was a great option.

It was yet another achievement! LetsNurture has a new operational office for the business team in Ahmedabad now. After weeks of excitement, LetsNurture’s business and marketing team moved into the new office while old office still operating with the development team.

Even I moved to the same office. We have made some structural changes and have also added a small library within the same office. The team of LetsNurture is full-fledged with great enthusiasm in their work.

I am excited with my team to work in this super cool new office to crack many upcoming challenges at our new workplace.

Do visit us at D-605, Ganesh Meridian, opposite Kargil Petrol Pump, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad – 380060.

Samruddhi turned 3


THREE! I am still not able to believe it’s been three years my daughter – Samruddhi has made her entrance into this beautiful world and completely changed our lives for the better. Three beautiful, wonderful, magical, drama-filled, chaotic (almost in the funny way) years.

She is the answer to my prayers. What a blessing and complete gift she has been to our family; almost completed our clan!

These three years have been nothing short of incredible. With each and every milestone, I grow more and more proud of her. She continuously surprises me with the things she does and the things she says. Many a times I wonder, if she is too smart at her age or if I’m just biased. Being three years old, she is growing each day into a kind, confident, independent, and thoughtful little girl.

I always wish her to keep on laughing and learning in the year ahead. I love her to the moon and back and way more than that!


મહા વગર મહા બનેલું ગુજરાત

મહા વગર મહા બનેલું ગુજરાત,મારું ગુજરાત તારું ગુજરાત , આપણું  ગુજરાત
થેપલાના સ્વાદમાં રહેલું  ગુજરાત ,જીતવાના વાદ માં રહેલું ગુજરાત
રાતે બાર વાગે દીકરી ને સલામત રાખતું ગુજરાત , નેતાઓના બાર વગાડતું ગુજરાત,
ગાંધી, વલ્લભ પછી થાકી ગયેલું ગુજરાત , મોરારજી પછી ખાલી લાગુતું ગુજરાત,
રમતોમાં આગળ ગુજરાત , રમવામાં પાછળ ગુજરાત,
પ્રગતિના પહોળા રસ્તા વાળું ગુજરાત, કળાની સાંકડી કેડી વાળું ગુજરાત…


Options For Abudhabi to Dubai

I was attending a conference IOTx in Dubai & also on a trip with my wife and a daughter for a dubai trip. This was an impromptu plan so I had booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Abudhabi as per my schedule. But I did not know how to reach to Dubai from Abudhabi. I explored few options & also tried few.

RTA Bus Abu Dhabi to Dubai
If you have time & you are having budget constraint you can opt this. From Abudhabi Airport you need to go to Abudhabi bus station & you will get a E100 & E101 which operates almost every hour. Which will cost you around $20 per person to reach Dubai.

Etihad Coaches Abudhabi to Dubai
If you are traveling by Etihad & its partners you will have free coach service from Abudhabi to Dubai & Dubai to Abudhabi . You need to book coach in Advance. If you do not book your coach in advance you can use coach service at $30 Per person.

If you are traveling with an infant & are 2+ travellers then Uber is your best bet. It will get you Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 50-60 minutes depends on traffic. And it will cost you around $70. RTA would be little expensive then Uber.

Rent a Car
At Abudhabi Airport you can rent a car which would be also good option if you are having internationa driving licence. Try this option only if you are confident on driving on foreign nation because laws are strict.

I was traveling with my daughter and a wife uber was the best option…

this is how my Sunday became beautiful

I have been thinking about local sustainability issue And I was consciously trying to work on sustainability.


Last Sunday I was out to buy some furniture. I decided to go to Furniture Bazaar at Thaltej. I parked my car. I saw street food vendor selling Aloo Paratha & Idli Sambhar. I ordered one plat aloo paratha , he served it just like normal. I can not say food was best but it was not at all below standard at $0.3. I gave him some tip on top of the food cost, guy stared it me once ( like he was thinking i am an idiot) I left from there and went to furniture shop. When I came back he was taking his lunch ( it was late surely between 2:00 to 3:00), I went there and asked why this late?

And he replied he only take lunch after serving at least one customer from his stall 🙂
I thanked everyone who directly or indirectly kept me hungry on that day so I tried one plate at his place & the guy got his lunch. ( When I was eating aloo paratha at his place 1 customer came, asked price, asked how long it will take & then went away, who else can feel this emotion then another businessman )

Experiences like this makes life beautiful… what do you say?