Mosaiq 2022

Indian diaspora had an amazing mosaiq this year in Moncton. Photos to be added later on. Noticable pointers from a newcomer organization founder.

  1. Very few locals participated in the event
  2. Sponsors were physically absent on event
  3. There was no public servant or immigrant-focused government fraternity visited and engaged with the crowd.

All 3 things are not normal in Moncton. Hope all is well.

By the way, if you are from India don’t forget to check ICA Moncton’s Facebook page, and if you are from Gujarat India. Check out Gujarati Samaj New Brunswick Page too. The team had an amazing performance by the community.

Ketan Raval
Working for Lets Nurture , working on few other things for Lets Nurture Org r Moncton Cares.. spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports, love to spend time with good people instead of smart people...