How to Register a Business in Ahmedabad?

I am writing few simple steps you guys need to take care while starting a business in Ahmedabad.. it is always good to learn from someone else’s experience, mistakes and success .. .. here are basic things that you should take care while thinking of doing business in Ahmedabad.

1) Register a Firm : no matter how much you are going to earn.. if you are freelancer or just a part time worker.. get your money in registered firm .. it has long term benefits ( like age of your firm, credit records of your firm) .. All you need to get is one certificate it is called Gumastadhara Certificate ..  For registering firm in Ahmedabad ..You can download that Forms from here  Download Forms

2) Keep Account Clear: Start  having a habit of keeping record from very first day.. all cash transaction .. all bills, all invoices should be there.. if you are so much hurry in making money you will have to spend your time after 3-4 years in trash cleaning 🙂 ..

3) Professional Tax: Pay Professional Tax.. you need to visit nearby municipal corporation office and fill form.. you can download all forms from Municipality website… You can pay professional tax online as well but first time you have to get certificate from corporation.

4) Have a Website: Do not ignore .. whenever you think of starting a business you must have business website… it will cost you a very less and will give you huge benefit…

How much it will cost to setup small business in Ahmedabad?

I think All 4 steps together will cost you 20 working hours initially and 1 hrs  a week. And in Amount it will be around 15000 INR  by Maximum….

There is no need to register as a Pvt Ltd..  🙂 until you reach to one level you can do business with lower expenses and after that you can pass your synergy making it bigger corporate.. 

Above advises are for people  who has no or very less capital for starting a business.. 🙂

Ketan Raval
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