Pretty Simple Example of Good vs Bad E-Mail Marketing

Everyone was saying that Email marketing is dead .. there is not enough conversion from Email Marketing but I think we have now entered in era where email marketing needs better and intelligent effort ( email marketing certainly works) I received 2 emails back to back this week.  Both were in my inbox ( not in Junk) So I was bound to read it .

I am attaching both images how it looked like ..

Example of Bad Email Marketing

Example of Good Email Marketing



What happened when I went through both email

  • I did not spend more than one second on Bad Email Just Skipped.
  • I read twice-good one and thought to connect with him.
  • Dropped him an email & my colleague in UK to get in touch with him (Just because I liked plain approaching strategy)
  •  Only Advantage I found for Bad Email Marketing is that now this company’s domain etc is in this blog post. (Which I am sure will be faked / Pseudo one)

So what can  We learn from this?

  • Email Marketing needs equal Call to Action attention
  • Identify your audience and how to approach them before blasting emails. ( Guys , at least think about conversions and energy consumption of spam emails)
  •  Be Straight forward
  •  It is very fine if you are blasting emails you have a chance if you can make it right
  •  Make your audience to calculate something, how many replies you have got when you send email without prices & how many replies you have got when you have put straightforward price? It saves time right?
  • “FREE” Word always works
  •  And off-course Email marketing is not dead but  it certainly has reincarnated.


What do you think???

Ketan Raval
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