Where SEO industry is going in 2013 ,Any Guess?


Where SEO industry is going towards in 2013, Any Guess?

Sometime you don’t even know where you are going towards and you reach to a dead end. Plenty of people are still working on “Packaged Submission” for SEO but there are lots of things you need to blend in it. Until and unless you do not identify where to focus you will end up spending time in doing something less worthy.
Today I came across something interesting for people who are in SEO industry. This fact they will not be able to ignore.

According to this Table Desktop Searches in US are dying. And in 2012 Desktop Search declined ( -3.33%) for the first time in last 10 years. What does it imply? Here are my thoughts on it..

Increase of Personalized Search 2012/2013

How?  Answer of this is in another question, Where Desktops PCs are used most?  Offices and Organizations right?  Decline of Desktop Searches means people have started to use Laptops/Tabs/Mobile Phones.. These all devices are built in a such a way where user would love to keep to login with their personal ids.  This is what I have observed people will not log in with personal id on desktop computer but if it is laptop they will be more comfortable for sharing personal log-in ( geeky thought I am not sure anyone would agree on it)

Laptops/Tabs/Mobile Phones will increase personalized search more than Desktop PCs so decline of desktop search numbers indicates use of these devices and personalized search both are increased.

Increase of Laptops/Tabs/Smartphone

I do not have to give a link for the report where it shows that smartphone  users are now main internet users. And industry is going mobile J. But here decline of Desktop search is telling same story.  Internet Users are increased in Laptop/Tabs and Smartphone segment.

Increase of Local Search

My presumption for this co-relates first presumption “increase of personalized search” ,  think about it how much local search queries you have fired ( for personal use) on desktop and how much you did on Tab/Laptop or on smartphones?

Will it be same for India in 2013?

Well situation is not equally same in India. In India Desktop Search and Mobile Search bound to grow in same speed… In future I think mobile internet use will increase for sure.  India is still need a lot to grow in internet world.  Internet penetration in India is around 15% ( my guess) where in USA & in UK it is (90+%). So, desktop search in India is going to increase not decrease but as we have seen mobile growth in India, mobile search or non-desktop search will also increase in rapid speed.


SEO Takeaways

  • Focused on Personlized SEO strategy
  • Do not ignore Mobile SEO / Mobile Search in SEO Planning
  • Include Social Media to get better personalized push in your SEO plans
  • Do not underestimate Local SEO in near future.  Because Local Search are going to grow more

What do you think about it ??? Any thought?

Ketan Raval
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