10 Ways TO Keep Your Employees Motivated, Always!

A blind (visually impaired) man had been waiting a while at a busy road for someone to offer to guide him across, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Excuse me,” said the another man, “I’m blind – would you mind guiding me across the road?”

The first blind man took the arm of the second blind man, and they both crossed the road.

Apparently this is a true story. The first blind man was the jazz pianist George Shearing. He is quoted (in Bartlett’s Anecdotes) as saying after the event, “What could I do? I took him across and it was the biggest thrill of my life.”

There are times when we think we cannot do something and so do not stretch or take a risk. Being forced to stretch and take a risk can often help us to reduce our dependencies (on others, or our own personal safety mechanisms), and to discover new excitement and capabilities.

This happens with most of the people, one or other time, sooner or later. Sometimes we don’t realise our own capabilities and it takes another person to make us believe what we are capable of. The “vitamin- M” (self- produced or injected) is very necessary to go with the flow or survive the frictions of the life in personal or professional both ways. A motivated person is a positive person who feels good not only for himself but also lights up the faces of people around. And feeling full with motivation is not a one-time job, it’s like the fuel, you need it from time to time, continuously. Your organization is that one place where your employee spends 10 hours a day 5 days a week, so but obvious they come with a mood and leave with a feeling (to be carried the next day)

These pointers are for one and all- big boss, HR’s, and everyone in the unseen unsaid hierarchy!

A good business is known by the employees it has. Having motivated, positive and happy employees’ means great business.

So, as a boss this is what you should do to and keep doing (make it a habit) to make your employees more productive, happy and retain them for longer.

10 Ways TO Keep Your Employees Motivated, Always!

  1. Always listen attentively: This is common at a work place. The boss is always busy and this is what drifts the employees away from the feeling of oneness in the organization. The more you listen the better you understand your employees. They can come up with a simple solution to the complex problem, and it means that they care!
  2. Set an example: Be an example. This is how your employees will catch your habit. Be that enthusiastic, positive person by yourself and soon you can see the change in your employees too. Don’t be someone whose absence is liked more than presence.
  1. Appreciate and celebrate: When an employee makes mistake or is short on target then everybody knows it. So, why not when he has achieved something worth celebrating? Everyone loves to be appreciated on his accomplishment. A surprise pizza or a small cake has never hurt an organization’s budget!
  1. Set reachable goals: If someone is working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week because the target seems unattainable in the stipulated time, then you need to rethink. While setting a target always ask/take suggestions from the team or an individual who are all going to be involved in it.
  2. Encourage new Skills: With time it’s necessary your employee is learning new skills and brush up the old ones. This will make him good and also increase productivity.
  3. Encourage friendly competition: Yes, there are competitions in the workplace and sometimes employees take it to heart. It’s good to be in competition but it’s better to compete with self. This is what a boss needs to tell every employee. Be fair! Make the workplace an easy place to work. This is not the race against each other but a place where a common goal is to be achieved.
  1. Lets days be different: It could be anything. From having the mid week as a casual day, celebrating birthdays, or having group lunch(in a small business and w/r to space) start something that employees look forward to.
  2. Laugh and let laugh: A place where no one laughs or shares a good joke is worthless. A good laugh for few minutes won’t affect the productive time. Everyone likes to giggle; it uplifts the mood and when they are back to their work, they are fresh!
  3. Balance: Work-life balance is crucial for any employee. It’s no secret that they work for a better living, but this is also a truth that half of the week day’s time is spent in the organization. So being empathetic is a sign of a good boss. When someone’s mind is somewhere else then it’s time you talk. It’s good to have an efficient employee in front of the computer than an absent-minded one wasting your resources.
  4. Coming to work, everyday: Coming everyday to the office, fulfilling    all responsibilities and still asking for more requires the kind of loyalty and morale that can only be built if the atmosphere is really amiable and pleasant.

Don’t make your employees feel that they are in some kind of school or military training camp. Trying to get hold of them and giving them the feeling of being watched all time will repay you with bad result in the form of decreased productivity, lost motivation, disinterested employees and ultimately losing a good employee that was worth keeping. Every employee is precious, and every job, small or large is worth an appreciation.

Ketan Raval
Working for Let's Nurture Canada,Founder Moncton Cares Rotarian, Planning And Advisory Council Member For City of Moncton, Board of Director for New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association. Global Shaper from World Economic Forum, BNI Member. Investor, Business partners, have successfully failed, have failed fast. Supporter of all good, Friends of many, Son of few, Father of two ,Husband of One. Spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports. Love to spend time with good people instead of smart people