All Maria Sharapova Haters, Do you know Sita Sahu?

Maria Sharapova suffered a troll in Social media because she did not know anything about Sachin. Indian people made big fuss over it and abused all social media accounts of Maria Sharapova. I believe it was not right? And even if you think it is right to protest.. I have a question to all of them.


Do you Know Sita Sahu?

Sita Sahu is 2 time bronze medal winner in Athens Special Olympics ( 2011) .. And now she is selling Gol Gapps & Papdi Chaats because of financial issues.  I would suggest everyone to give some support to her.. she has won 2 Olympic medals to our country. ( Sachin has not done it , and will never be able to do it ) …



Ketan Raval
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