Boureka Another Delicious Turkish Delite

Bureka / Boureka is one of the delicious turkish pastry.. it is made from flaky dough ( dough like rumali roti) … In Indian version it is Puff 🙂 .. But authentic food is authentic food.. you will love it if you try it in any Turkish Restaurant or in Israel.  Remember the word “Bureka” 🙂

I like turkish Baklawa & English Sconnes as well. These are one of the best fast food for people like me 🙂

Here are photoes of All three


Bureka’s can be filled with Cheese, Spinach, Potatoes, Vegetables, meat or anything.. it is one of the famous street food in Haifa (Technion University), Isarael.


Bakalwa is a turkish desert. if you visit any turkish restaurant they will give you baklawa and cinnamon tea after dinner.


Handmade British scones are best.. I have been lucky to have it from one of my British client’s home.

Ketan Raval
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