What is value of Consistency & Content?

For young professional mark my words these are very important words “Consistency” and “Content”.

These two words has changed entire paradigm of the world. People who were reluctant to change their marketing strategy has been forced to change their entire mind-set by these two powerful words “Consistency” and “Content”

No I am not going to bore you with case studies.. but I am going to give you two real time example of Indian Television Industry which has changed everyone’s mind-set of content marketing & promotion.

First Example is “tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah”

9 out 10 Indian who is watching television will know this tele serial. When Tarak Mehta started I think no one would have even thought about this huge success with the type of content.. true tarak Mehta did not have extra ordinary content like ( Sarabha vs Sarabhai) than what made them difference?  Answer is same “Content” and “Consistency”… Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma has ordinary but very humorous content.. And producing that content for almost 5 years with consistency is an extra ordinary job. Now, TARAK MEHTA is one of the most watched, most entertaining and most influencing ..  sitcom in India. Each and Every film star has to make an appearance on Tarak Mehta Set for  movie promotion (because it is that popular now) … this has happened just because of “Content” & “Consistency”

Saharukh , Salaman, Akashya .. you name it they have it .. every one has been on set of tarak mehata for film promotion

My Second Example is “Comedy Nights with Kapil”

“Comedy Nights with Kapil”.  Is an extra ordinary comedy from the life of ordinary people? Kapil – I rate him one of the best stand up comedian of India. He has been doing extra ordinary work..  but have you ever thought how it became this much successful and now why even Bollywood’s superstars has to come in his show for film promotion ? Answer is ….. J

Ketan Raval
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