Trapeze- One Day I will do it

People have different kind of ambition in life.. I love to hear those.. This is in one of my to do list. With in next 5 years I will practice Trapeze at least once.


What is Trapeze?

if you have seen Madagaskar 3 you would know about Trapeze. But if you have not..  A trapeze is a short horizontal bar hung by ropes or metal straps from a support. It is an aerial apparatus commonly found in circus performances. Famous in Circus. And I believe to perform this you need a best body anyone can have..

Imagine yourself throwing yourself in the air with full of confidence that you will catch the bar on the fly..  Awesome right?

I am starting another category in my blog “kick” .. things which will give me “kick” ( adrenaline rush) I am gonna put those blog posts on it.

Ketan Raval
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