Baby Vaccination Schedule, Myth & belief

Samrudhdhi’s vaccination is started .. usually it starts right away.. We had BCG done on very next day. And with in a week we had Hepatitis B & Polio firstdose…

After that usually it is every month untill for 3 more months. There are various options available in vaccinations.. Doctor will surely tell that there are some various quality in vaccinations. Here you have to take a call & here reliable doctor will play a big role 🙂 at least in India. 

Baby Get’s Fever During Vaccination? Is it Normal?

Baby will cry & it may have slight fever, if fever last for more than couple of days you need to consult doctor. Usually doctor will give will drops for fever.  if possible take care of area where doctor has given injection. Pain because of syringe  may not allow your baby to sleep well for few days. Just take care of it. Stick to schedule of vaccination no matter how busy you are .. ( couple of days here and there allowed but do not miss any dose)

Baby’s Immunization Chart 



Hepatitis B Vaccine- 1st dose

Oral Polio Vaccine – 1 (dose)

6 Weeks
(One and a half months)

D.P.T. – 1st dose

Oral Polio Vaccine- 2 (dose)

Hepatitis B Vaccine- 2nd dose

Hemophylis Influenza B (HIB) – 1st dose

10 Weeks
(Two and a half months)

D.P.T. – 2nd dose
Oral Polio Vaccine- 3 (dose)
Hemophylis Influenza B (HIB) – 2nd dose

14 Weeks

D.P.T. – 3rd dose
Oral Polio Vaccine- 4 (dose)
Hemophylis Influenza B (HIB) – 3rd dose

6 months

Oral Polio Vaccine – 5 (dose)
Hepatitis B Vaccine- 3rd dose

9 months Measles Vaccine
15-18 months  MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) – 1st Dose
D.P.T.- I Booster
Hemophylis Influenza B (HIB) – Booster
5 years MMR – 2nd Dose
D.P.T. –  II Booster
Oral Polio Vaccine 6 (Dose)
10 years TD (Tetanus, Diphtheria)
15 years  TD
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