Best Thing About Becoming a SEO Reseller

I have been providing SEO Reseller services from last 5 years. Needless to say I have witnessed all kind of turbulence in search industry. But I always preferred to be a SEO Reseller instead of SEO Retailer 🙂 . I have my own thought on it .. what I benefited from it. In My Past I have worked with many SEO Agencies from UK / USA / Australia / Singapore.

As a SEO Reseller I have did things which I could not have done as a retailer in short period such as

  • Have literally worked on more than 10000 Websites For SEO , Audits, Off Page , Link Building , Content Marketing.. I am saying it is 10000.. it may be more than that even.
  • Have worked with Industry’s big faces ( yes we can not disclose it )
  • Have worked for very very famous companies.
  • Expanded Horizon of various kind of businesses because of getting in touch with thousands of websites.. I have seen various and strange business ideas which I would have never thought even.

What Next ?

Our Company is now shaping up in a very mature level ..
We have started in to product development ( we have recently finished one CRM for Pharma Company) .
We have started Mobile App Development ( We have just finished 25 Mobile Apps on Play Store , and equally delivered to Clients) ..
Of course in last 6 months more than 20 websites are delivered on different platform ( websites on WordPress / Joomla / Magento / Drupal / Concrete-5) ..
We have made team enabled for html5 & responsive website design ( which is industry demand) ..
Our Content Marketing Team is now matured…

It would not have happened if I have not worked for so many websites and have not worked on various platform & business processes.. I highly recommend to enrich yourself with multiple small projects instead of one big project ( specially in early phase of career)..

Ketan Raval
Working for Lets Nurture , working on few other things for Lets Nurture Org r Moncton Cares.. spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports, love to spend time with good people instead of smart people...