Sometime good to be quitter?

I quit following things from life completely in last 24 months.
1) Alcohol.
2) Nicotine.
3) Caffeine.
4) Leather.
5) Eggs.
6) Vehicle Ownership.

Things I took on in the last 24 months
1) 4KM a day regime.
2) $50 a day Investment in Stocks & Mutual funds.
3) 1 Book a month.
4) Public Transport.
5) 2hrs a day with the Daughter.
6) 4hrs a week with Family.

Updating the post

  1. Alcohol was back in 2020-2021 with bad influence. and in 2022 went back to limited alcohol
  2. No Nicotine for the last 8 years now.
  3. No Caffeine
  4. No Leather
  5. Eggs – Increased 🙂
  6. Owning 2 vehicles from no vehicles. The struggle between socialism to capitalism continues 🙂


We may put up a conscious choice for reshaping our family values towards sustainable lifestyle.

Ketan Raval
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