Sometime good to be quitter?

I quit following things from life completely in last 24 months.
1) Alcohol.
2) Nicotine.
3) Caffeine.
4) Leather.
5) Eggs.
6) Vehicle Ownership.

Things I took on in last 24 months
1) 4KM a day regime.
2) 1000 a day Investment in Stocks & Mutualfund.
3) 1 Book a month.
4)Public Transport.
5) 2hrs a day with Daughter.
6) 4hrs a week with Family.

Ketan Raval
Working for Lets Nurture , working on few other things for Lets Nurture Org .. spending free time in blogging, writing, reading, music, watching sports, love to spend time with good people instead of smart people...