We have to think beyond sachin

I respect Sachin.. he is the greatest batsman of the Cricket. He is the best sports person in Indian Cricket or World Cricket. But I do not think he is the best sports person of the Indian Sports. I have my own thinking and I want to write more about some of the great sports person of the India whom we have ignored a lot.  I have my own list and according to that Sachin comes after these people


1) Major Dhyan Chand

2) Milkha Singh

3) Vishwanath Anand

4) Mary Kom


I will be writing some thing around this whenever I get sometime.. But yes we need to start thinking beyond Cricket & Sachin.. respect other sports person who has done wonderful job in their fields.. and improve our all health of the Indian Sports.  Any Sport can become bigger only when it has large fan base. So, if we do not try to empower sports other than cricket, we can not win Olympic medals or get better player in other sports.

Ketan Raval
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