My Views on Urban (Ahmedabad) Road Planning..

I live in Ahmadabad, I am worrying about traffic issues. City as a whole is taking lot of steps on infrastructure development. I have few suggestions for long term sustainability.

  1.  Build Footpath with each and every road, Footpath should be 1 ft higher than road surface. Footpath should have one edge at the end.
  2.  Cycling Route, Major Roads need a cycling route and it must be disturbance free. Cycling is a mean of commutation for major of the lower middle class. They can not afford to loose their life or get hospitalized.
  3. Roads should not be broken at every half a kilometer. At least 2km straight roads are required to manage traffic effectively. you can not allow each and society having cross roads at their gates.
  4. Promote more one way roads to prevent traffic jam , accidents and traffic direction ( It can even help in chasing thefts and criminals.)
  5. Footpath should be long enough so all pedestrian can walk only on footpath. This will ensure no disturbance will come for vehicle driver while driving on the road.
  6. Remove all unnecessary bump & implement strict speed limits on region. Speed Trackers are way cheaper than speed bumps.

I think these are very simple changes we need for Ahmadabad Road Planning.

Ketan Raval
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