9 World war movies which I really liked a lot..

I love history of Mankind. And it has been always my favourite subject. We did not learn a lot about world war during our school. We had two chapters but that was it. And I believe our teachers & professors also had a very limited knowledge or access to information about World war ( Probably India has its own history & as India as a nation has not played big role in world war , our society does not possess a curiosity about it). It is so interesting that every country has its own perception about it ( World war) . By watching these movies I got to know a lot about World war, which I could not get during my schooling.

List of world war , post world war & cold war movie would be too long but here is list of my favourite world war movies

  1. Land of Mines ( Danish) :
  2. The Imitation Game ( English):
  3. Inglorious Bastards ( English):
  4. Labyrinth of Lies ( German):
  5. The Pianist ( Polish):
  6. Enemy At Gates ( English):
  7. Female Agents ( French):
  8. Railway Man (English):
  9. Anthropoid ( English):

I strongly recommend all of these movies .. all of them have something unique to tell. I decided to write this blog post write after watching LAND OF MINES  🙂

Do not forget to share me your favourite world war movie list..


Business is Built on Relationship

I want to discuss about the foundation about how relationships boosts our business. My friends often ask me about strategy to develop any new startup. I can spend hours talking about choosing in perfect networking events, finding right sales people, training on products and services and much more. But everything boils down within one sentence “Business is built on relationships.”

What does that mean actually? Relationships are like two sides of the coin and if you want to a successful one then it needs work. And I look my business relationships as personal relationships and I do care about each and every person as much as I value business. I can point out some.

business relationship
business relationship

Relate your Client

Here relating to client doesn’t mean how product or service is relevant to theirs. Let me explain, it is important to discuss these areas but also it is necessary to know your client on a personal level as well. What I am trying to say is get into some common topic and discuss about it. Many a times we get to caught up trying to negotiate business and we almost forget to get to know the person we are trying to do business with. We have many people having a great business minds and plans, a good product/service but they don’t always have someone they like that offers these solutions.

Respond your Client

Always respond genuinely after responding your client. Get them aware that you understood their concerns and convince them to offers best solutions for their problems. I can’t elaborate many sales employees, I’ve watched have failed to respond in the way that they are listening to the client’s needs. When we respond in a way that shows we have best interest in mind fills the distance in our relationship.

Align your Solutions with needs of Clients

Elaborate how exactly your products and service offers best applicable solutions, how they fit needs and give them reason why it works better than other alternate solutions. To know this your should be well-versed with your competitors’ products/services. And to reveal your solution as a best one, you need to understand their needs better than they do.

Be Reliable

Make yourself available to answer questions smoothly, add value to what they are trying to do. When we are reliable for our clients we can enable them to lean on us with trust. They will question our solution less as they will understand that we will maintain relationship, do not compromise with the value in working with them.

Recover after Setbacks

Each relation has a setback. We are never going to be able to deliver completely on expectations since they will be many unpredicted reasons. Make sure the client knows how important their need it to you. Suggest solutions, work for resolve  and find smooth over the problem. Taking responsibility is not always someone needs, many a times they simply want you not to point a finger and jump in aggressively to find a solution to the problem. When we work to recover from a problem we bring back the trust into our business relationships as we see that we can accept ownership of problems and handle them without any hassles.

Know why your customer opted your solutions

It’s important to know what your customers bought rather than what you sold them. And more importantly, it is important to know why they bought it. We think they bought our services because we turned out to be reliable to them or cheaper to them or they had no other offers for them. But the real reason can only be explained by understanding your customer’s requirements and the real reason why they want that particular solution.

Obviously, business is built on relationships and if we can build our relationships stronger, our success will grow exponentially.

Google goes Cloud – Enterprise Cloud Strategy

During Cloud Next event in San Francisco, the team of Google segmented the roadmap for its cloud business. Having more than 10,000 attendees, the event also resembled the world that it is ready to take on the enterprises.

Having a hard work since 18 months to get a position to the cloud market, it has been a strong player. The top executives didn’t miss the opportunity to pitch its cloud platform to enterprises. Though Amazon and Microsoft are major player of this game, Google is using some of its deep strengths to provide the differentiate platform to the customers.

Let’s go through some takeaways from Google Cloud Next 2017.

Securing the cloud

The first priority for Google is to maintain security for its cloud platform. It is all about innovating in the fields of key management, compliance, multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention.

Secure access to enterprise application without using VPN is done with the help of Identity-Aware Proxy. It limits the access of user identity and groups that comes up with integrated phishing resistant Security key.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API scans data for many tactful data types and automatically edits them. Customers can find and edit the sensitive data that is store in GCP with few API calls.

Customer wins by securing enterprise

The case studies of Google’s cloud base were based on Spotify, Snapchat etc. Though it was a large implementation, they are not considered as traditional enterprise companies. Now, Google claims impressive customer list that includes Verizon, Disney, HSBC, eBay etc. Adding these brands in the keynote, Google made a statement that its cloud platform is enterprise-ready.

GCP into a data-centric cloud platform

The secret sauce of Google is data and analytics. Being, one of the Big Data and Machine Learning, the company is turning it into a differentiating factor. GCP has list of Machine learning services in the form of Cloud ML engine, Cloud Vision API, Cloud Jobs API and Advanced Solution Lab (ASL). Developers can explore video content by providing information about the entities within the video content with the help of Cloud Video Intelligence API.

Cloud Dataprep is a new service that aims to make the extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs easier on GCP, build in the collaboration with Trifacta. The GCP customers can now analyze commercial datasets that are coming from Xignite, Remine, AccuWeather and HouseCanary with BigQuery. 

Boosting Developers Productivity

Google announced the fleet of services, new features and tools to bring the developer productivity. App Engine now supports a flexible deployment model based on containers. Developers can choose from multiple languages, runtimes, and frameworks to run their mobile application in the cloud.

Enabling deployment workloads in GCp, Google has launched a service called Cloud Container Builder where developers can develop complex CI/CD pipelines to manage the workflow of containerized applications running on Google Cloud Platform.

Commitment to Open-source and Multi-platform

Kubernetes and Tensor Flow are making significant strides in the open source. Google donated Kubernetes, container orchestration platform to Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Tensor Flow, an open source Machine Learning platform powers the managed Cloud ML engine. Google collaborating with Pivotal Labs made Kubernetes deployment accessible across multiple cloud platforms.

Talking about multi-cloud deployments, CloudEndure, a GCP partner, enables one-click migration of VMs from other platforms to Google Cloud. Google’s Stackdriver is a multi-cloud monitoring platform that works across GCP and AWS.

Collaborating with the Proven leaders

At Google Cloud Next, the company made few announcements about involvement of some independent software vendors and global system integrators. Google was often criticized for the lack of ecosystem for its cloud business.

HANA to GCP is integrated that includes the certification of  SAP HANA on GCP, new G Suite integrations, and collaboration on building machine learning features into intelligent applications, bringing Google and SAP partnership into the picture.

Rackspace, the leader in managed services partnered with the Google cloud to become one of the first managed services support partner.

Since many enterprises are using Microsoft Windows, Google is presently working with principal SIs from the Microsoft ecosystem to integrate workloads to GCP.

Concluding Note

Concluding all, Google is trying to transform itself into an enterprise-friendly company by figuring out a niche being the most open and developer friendly. With Google Next, the company tried to consolidate its place in the market. It implicits the strong message that Google Cloud is yet to stay. Though AWS and Azure are top players in the game, but Google is moving at the rapid pace, inching closer to become  a viable alternative to Amazon and Microsoft’s public cloud.

My team participated in Vibrant Gujarat event


I’m glad for my teammates of LetsNurture and KarConnect who joined Vibrant Gujarat and made me proud. My team had a great experience in this 8th edition of Global Summit. Before I share their experience, let me elaborate about the event.

The event took place for the week from 9th of January to 13th of January. We had many visitors at our stall – NRIs, students, delegates, even farmers, tech enthusiasts and many more. My team was keen to explain each and every one to index different unique business challenges for enterprises and real world.

I think my team being there, made a remarkable transformation. It was so cool to see how people came up to our stall to know about our unique and remarkable solutions.

Though I was not the part of the event but the experiences they shared with me, I still feel the waves if I was there. I take it as a sign that this was a great event throughout and something that was right to me.

So a huge thank you to my LetsNurture and KarConnect team, the volunteers and guests, because we together make an awesome community.  I hope to look forward this event again and for now; stay, feel and stay connected with us!

My New Office


After many steady years of operations and progressively growing clientele and employees, my first office is a hit and I was ready to open up another one. Opening my second own office was a great option.

It was yet another achievement! LetsNurture has a new operational office for the business team in Ahmedabad now. After weeks of excitement, LetsNurture’s business and marketing team moved into the new office while old office still operating with the development team.

Even I moved to the same office. We have made some structural changes and have also added a small library within the same office. The team of LetsNurture is full-fledged with great enthusiasm in their work.

I am excited with my team to work in this super cool new office to crack many upcoming challenges at our new workplace.

Do visit us at D-605, Ganesh Meridian, opposite Kargil Petrol Pump, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad – 380060.

Samruddhi turned 3


THREE! I am still not able to believe it’s been three years my daughter – Samruddhi has made her entrance into this beautiful world and completely changed our lives for the better. Three beautiful, wonderful, magical, drama-filled, chaotic (almost in the funny way) years.

She is the answer to my prayers. What a blessing and complete gift she has been to our family; almost completed our clan!

These three years have been nothing short of incredible. With each and every milestone, I grow more and more proud of her. She continuously surprises me with the things she does and the things she says. Many a times I wonder, if she is too smart at her age or if I’m just biased. Being three years old, she is growing each day into a kind, confident, independent, and thoughtful little girl.

I always wish her to keep on laughing and learning in the year ahead. I love her to the moon and back and way more than that!




My team was working unceasingly since last one year to get betterment in the results of our codings and testings. And today, I am proud to share my journey with you that all our diligence and labour has paid off.

I’ve found it an amazing experience to be able to showcase my new venture – Karconnect with people across the country, but to receive the Finalist Award is the Cherry on top!

Let me elaborate.

The award of best startup in the ICT Category at 9th GESIA Annual Awards that was held  at YMCA International Center Ahmedabad on 29th September, 2016 – we received the Finalist Award! Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) is a non-profit organisation that aims to nurture, foster and track the ICT Industry of Gujarat and provide them a window to the world.

The things I’ve got now has boosted me to continue to tackle with my upcoming challenges and the product KarConnect. I’m proud to be part of such great event where brilliant small smart products can change the world.

Once again I dedicate this milestone to my whole team at KarConnect.


My New Venture KarConnect


When I was researching about the amount of blood donated in my city, I was shocked to know that most of the blood donation was required to the fatal accidents. When I dug deep into the news, I came across the government data detailing about the road accidents occurring everyday. It was stated that on an average 400 people are killed in road accidents daily, and this costs $5118 billion globally, costing individual countries from 4-6% of their annual GDP. These road accidents are caused only because improper driving and low-maintenance of vehicle.

Later when I was travelling outstation on my car Ford fiesta, I suddenly experienced a breakdown. There was no mechanic or help I could get from near by. Regretfully, I had to do it by my own.

These situations had given me a deep thoughts to take an initiative and pushed me to do bring some groundbreaking solution and head towards some innovation.

This is how I came up with “KarConnect”, which is a product under my new venture DriveSmart Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

Let me Introduce KarConnect

KarConnect is the key to unlock the world of connected car platform. It is a smart technological combo of two components – 16 Pin OBDII Chip (Hardware) and mobile application (Software). KarConnect Device is plugged in your car’s OBDII port, fetches data from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), does data crunching and send it to the server for further analysis. The application will receive insights from the KarConnect device detailing you with seamless reports and predictive alerts.

What Type of issues are tackled?

The in-built GPS and GPRS module in the KarConnect chip helps in continuous real time tracking the location of your vehicles. The application also gives you details about fault codes (self-diagnosis) which can avoid a potential breakdown of the car and accidental damages. The application gets you the list of all Service Centers based on the location or nearby. KarConnect also caters real time tracking of the vehicle and driving behaviour showing all the parameters remotely. So, the product is equally useful for both, businesses and the individual users.

મહા વગર મહા બનેલું ગુજરાત

મહા વગર મહા બનેલું ગુજરાત,મારું ગુજરાત તારું ગુજરાત , આપણું  ગુજરાત
થેપલાના સ્વાદમાં રહેલું  ગુજરાત ,જીતવાના વાદ માં રહેલું ગુજરાત
રાતે બાર વાગે દીકરી ને સલામત રાખતું ગુજરાત , નેતાઓના બાર વગાડતું ગુજરાત,
ગાંધી, વલ્લભ પછી થાકી ગયેલું ગુજરાત , મોરારજી પછી ખાલી લાગુતું ગુજરાત,
રમતોમાં આગળ ગુજરાત , રમવામાં પાછળ ગુજરાત,
પ્રગતિના પહોળા રસ્તા વાળું ગુજરાત, કળાની સાંકડી કેડી વાળું ગુજરાત…


Options For Abudhabi to Dubai

I was attending a conference IOTx in Dubai & also on a trip with my wife and a daughter for a dubai trip. This was an impromptu plan so I had booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Abudhabi as per my schedule. But I did not know how to reach to Dubai from Abudhabi. I explored few options & also tried few.

RTA Bus Abu Dhabi to Dubai
If you have time & you are having budget constraint you can opt this. From Abudhabi Airport you need to go to Abudhabi bus station & you will get a E100 & E101 which operates almost every hour. Which will cost you around $20 per person to reach Dubai.

Etihad Coaches Abudhabi to Dubai
If you are traveling by Etihad & its partners you will have free coach service from Abudhabi to Dubai & Dubai to Abudhabi . You need to book coach in Advance. If you do not book your coach in advance you can use coach service at $30 Per person.

If you are traveling with an infant & are 2+ travellers then Uber is your best bet. It will get you Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 50-60 minutes depends on traffic. And it will cost you around $70. RTA would be little expensive then Uber.

Rent a Car
At Abudhabi Airport you can rent a car which would be also good option if you are having internationa driving licence. Try this option only if you are confident on driving on foreign nation because laws are strict.

I was traveling with my daughter and a wife uber was the best option…