I don’t recall where did I learned this word but it kept in my mind as I have been observing this syndrome in many people around me. FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. For Relationships For Wealth For Fame For Likes & Comments For Position May be information overload is creating this issue!!!

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Judgment Call

  Being an observant personality I tend to observe how people “precept” about others when they meet them first time or how they decide to take relationship further. Here are few of my experience & with sip of tea I am deeply thinking about not being judgemental Bad Aadmi lagta hai Kapade Achche Pehane the…

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LetsNurture Brings ‘Konnected Art’, iBeacon Technology, with ‘no coding required’ For Museums Management


iBeacon technology has already been used in diverse industries ranging from retail to hospitality and museums. We’ve seen adoption from a small number of high-profile brands, such as Disney, Hudson’s Bay Company and SXSW. iBeacons have been proven to boost the purchase intent twenty times. iBeacon app development constructs a good impact on the retail…

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