5 Most Important contextual tips for your Next IT Project

Be it Small project or large scale project these 5 Principle will ensure to improve success ratio of your next project

  1. Make sure error messages are contextual. Not just plain simple. Based on nature of business error messages should be friendly, strict, humorous but should not be plain.
  2. Make sure all Buttons in your next project are contextual. Do not just end up with “Submit”. Button / Anchors are main call to actions in which drives business. Make-sure to use language which your target audience can understand + enticing enough to drive user action as per your goal.
  3. Show your system’s navigation to 10-15year kid. If he is unable to navigate properly, change navigation system. If system is not easy to navigate users are like to leave & never return back.
  4. Ensure to load your screen with in 3 seconds even at low bandwidth internet. Implement special architecture for low bandwidth internet. User does not trust the app or web which takes more time on loading. If content is not loading with in 3 seconds you are likely to loose the visitor & potential customer.
  5. Make enough effort on Dashboard of the system be it Admin or User. This Screen is going to be used maximum amount of time. If it is not appropriate enough system is going to die quickly ( even before your realise), Every pixel on Dashboard matters. Probably value of every pixel is more then 1 sq.ft space in Manhattan. So give top level effort on making it super useful ( graphs, charts, analytics, updates, setting ,configuration, numbers & what not)
Ketan Raval
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