Here are 10 simple ways to recover the loses of revenue if govt reduces state taxes on fuel.

  • Increase Driving License fees 5 times from what it has current for all kind of personal licenses.( Current fee is ranging from 150 to 200 INR ). Increase four wheeler LMV license cost to minimum 5000 INR.
  • Reduce Driving License renewal tenures to 3 years for first time driving license holder. Impose hefty renewal fees up to 5 times for irregular drivers. Renewal can be made only by paying extra fees based on number of time tickets received on particular license. ( Giving 20 years of license validity is absolute nonsense)
  • Private Vehicle Above 1499 CC should have 3-5 times more road tax. with a yearly renewal cost as well.
  • Double the Road tax & Insurance for second four-wheeler on same residential address.
  • Double the PUC Fees for four wheelers (it is 50 INR) & reduce tenure of PUC from 6/12 months to 3 months.
  • Toll Tax for private registration vehicles should increase on all state boarders.
  • Increase International Driving Permit fees from 1000 to 5000 INR. (Person Is leaving the county, he must have enough to pay & he must pay his debt to country, state and city.)
  • Increase taxes on Automobile Accessories.
  • Impose 1000 INR fees on State Boarder crossing for personal vehicles (excluding boarder district vehicle)
  • Start Corporate transport subsidiary funded by PPP model ( Who would not be interested in major cities to have corporate transport for employees, it can save millions in buying parking lots)

Average 1 million new licenses are being issued  yearly & State has total 23 Million vehicle. I think it should be enough to help people who really can not afford fuel prices going high. Other then causing effect on inflation higher fuel prices has detrimental effect on society from dropping out from schools, dropping out from extra activities, concentrated population as well as brain drain from the state & country.

I urge  government to Reduce State taxes on Fuel in direct proportion to revenue received from these sources.

Ketan Raval
Working for Let's Nurture Canada,Founder Moncton Cares Rotarian, Planning And Advisory Council Member For City of Moncton, Board of Director for New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association. Global Shaper from World Economic Forum, BNI Member. Investor, Business partners, have successfully failed, have failed fast. Supporter of all good, Friends of many, Son of few, Father of two ,Husband of One. Spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports. Love to spend time with good people instead of smart people