GBGAhmedabad Anniversary Event 2014

GBGAhmedabad Anniversary Event went very well it was freaking very tight schedule , I manage to go on both days for  a while . It has been great pleasure to meet old friend Ritesh Ambastha .. Its been a while we have seat togather and discussed something J

GBGAhmedabd’s Anniversary event had a great idea like Online Branding , Google Apps & Google Maps for business, Importance of Google +, Lead Generation techniques and others.

Met Jatin and Kinnari ( Whom I have promised to deliver good local language application ) but things are going so fast in my company that sometime I am not sure what to commit and what not too. But yes I want to live in a way that I can help everyone.

Ketan Raval
Working for Lets Nurture , working on few other things for Lets Nurture Org r Moncton Cares.. spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports, love to spend time with good people instead of smart people...