My team participated in Vibrant Gujarat event


I’m glad for my teammates of LetsNurture and KarConnect who joined Vibrant Gujarat and made me proud. My team had a great experience in this 8th edition of Global Summit. Before I share their experience, let me elaborate about the event.

The event took place for the week from 9th of January to 13th of January. We had many visitors at our stall – NRIs, students, delegates, even farmers, tech enthusiasts and many more. My team was keen to explain each and every one to index different unique business challenges for enterprises and real world.

I think my team being there, made a remarkable transformation. It was so cool to see how people came up to our stall to know about our unique and remarkable solutions.

Though I was not the part of the event but the experiences they shared with me, I still feel the waves if I was there. I take it as a sign that this was a great event throughout and something that was right to me.

So a huge thank you to my LetsNurture and KarConnect team, the volunteers and guests, because we together make an awesome community.  I hope to look forward this event again and for now; stay, feel and stay connected with us!



My team was working unceasingly since last one year to get betterment in the results of our codings and testings. And today, I am proud to share my journey with you that all our diligence and labour has paid off.

I’ve found it an amazing experience to be able to showcase my new venture – Karconnect with people across the country, but to receive the Finalist Award is the Cherry on top!

Let me elaborate.

The award of best startup in the ICT Category at 9th GESIA Annual Awards that was held  at YMCA International Center Ahmedabad on 29th September, 2016 – we received the Finalist Award! Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) is a non-profit organisation that aims to nurture, foster and track the ICT Industry of Gujarat and provide them a window to the world.

The things I’ve got now has boosted me to continue to tackle with my upcoming challenges and the product KarConnect. I’m proud to be part of such great event where brilliant small smart products can change the world.

Once again I dedicate this milestone to my whole team at KarConnect.


GdgAhmedabad Women Tech Makers 2015

It was really good meetup where Women Fraternity showcased how strong they are in entrepreneurship & in Technology.

Awesome Speakers from ooWomaniya ( Krutika Katrat), Menstrupedia (Aditi Gupta) , Lawtoons (Kanan Dhru), Infostretch , Lets Nurture, wwhere ( Ritam Bhatnagar), Persona (Nidhi Suthar).

Other than technical discussion on android and apps ..discussion went on variety of topics, and few of them were bold and beautiful like menstruation, female issues & even law advices. Best thing is technology has helped them to make all these initiatives happen. All hail technology 🙂

My Trackr  Lets Nurture App

It was wonderful attempt by GDG Team, Paresh Mayani, Dhrumil, Pratik Patel, Utpal Betail , Vaibhai Desai, Chintan Rathod & Myself.


Ahmedabad Global shapers Stall in Vibrant Gujarat

It is a privileged to be part of the Ahmadabad Global shapers team. It was serious efforts of Jatin, Prakshal, Amit , Abhinav who made all agree on having our own stall at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015.

Ahmadabad Global Shaper

Global Shaper is a community supported by World Economic Forum for the people who are doing something amazing in their area & who are very much involved in community building. We represent Ahmadabad Global Shaper Community.

Showcase of the AGS Stall during Vibrant Gujarat Summit

  1. Penpal  Prakshal & Wricha
  2. Lawtoons – Kanan
  3. Menstrupedia  – Aditi
  4. Unmuted – Nirmit
  5. Bloodmonk – Ketan ( LetsNurture)
  6. Vaccination Reminder – Ketan ( LetsNurture)
  7. eChai – Jatin
  8. oWomaniya – Sneh

Design Your City

Design  your city was a wonderful idea where visitor will have to write a solution about the problem they are facing in their city. Lot of good ideas we collected and it will give us a great pleasure to work on the problem which people around us are facing.


It has been wonderful team work throughout the summit. On the return journey, I had excellent company of Mr. Kumar. It is always a meaningful conversation with this gentleman.

GDG Ahmedabad Event For College Student on July 26

We went to Ahmedabad College for educating them with latest technologies. We went there with iBeacon, Wearables. GDG Team gave presentation on Android L, Cloud, Latest Technology & a lot more. It was really good that we talked with Professors regarding need of a change in syllabus , I am sure he might have received similar kind of suggestion from other industry people but we did our part. Continue reading “GDG Ahmedabad Event For College Student on July 26”

eChai Design Your City App Challenge

one more time Jatin came up with a great initiative of echai design your Ahmedabad challenge. I am glad that we went there in Night for an awesome after hour programme. We stayed there till morning. Everyone was sharing their products and ideas. Afterhours a very good program where we can help eachother by doing something for them.

Of course Arjav was the real hero with his “taklif to rehvani” funny video initiative.

GBGAhmedabad Women wing inauguration

Mitesh bhai & Aditi and gang has created a wonderful GBGAhmedabad Women wing. It is a great initiative for bringing women power into action. There are so many women in india who can do wonders. I felt proud of being part of this group. GBGAhmedabad Women wing inaugural event was a get together event.  Almost 50+ women ( young beautiful women) joined J . Continue reading “GBGAhmedabad Women wing inauguration”