My team participated in Vibrant Gujarat event


I’m glad for my teammates of LetsNurture and KarConnect who joined Vibrant Gujarat and made me proud. My team had a great experience in this 8th edition of Global Summit. Before I share their experience, let me elaborate about the event.

The event took place for the week from 9th of January to 13th of January. We had many visitors at our stall – NRIs, students, delegates, even farmers, tech enthusiasts and many more. My team was keen to explain each and every one to index different unique business challenges for enterprises and real world.

I think my team being there, made a remarkable transformation. It was so cool to see how people came up to our stall to know about our unique and remarkable solutions.

Though I was not the part of the event but the experiences they shared with me, I still feel the waves if I was there. I take it as a sign that this was a great event throughout and something that was right to me.

So a huge thank you to my LetsNurture and KarConnect team, the volunteers and guests, because we together make an awesome community.  I hope to look forward this event again and for now; stay, feel and stay connected with us!

Ketan Raval
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