Judgment Call


Being an observant personality I tend to observe how people “precept” about others when they meet them first time or how they decide to take relationship further. Here are few of my experience & with sip of tea I am deeply thinking about not being judgemental

Bad Aadmi lagta hai Kapade Achche Pehane the ( He seems to a big man , Was wearing trendy clothes)
One of my friend gave me a feedback after meeting a person. I began wondering how he can be a big man based on clothing ? what is definition of a BIG?

“Party plays in billions”
I & one guy were just walking & discussing about some work at the same time he met one old age looking person. Person was his relative ( not closed one). After few minutes he told me this party plays in billion. I don’t know why he told this or he tagged him with that.

Seems to be a big shot , wears Rolex
Judgement call one more time. someone rated one person that he is a big shot just by meeting once & seeing him having Rolex on his wrist.

“Color” Fool Judgements
Many of friends have problem about racism, we discussed it many times. But when it comes to their own skin preferences about selecting a friend , relationship they tend to forget about their own problem about “Racism” 🙂


What is your Judgement call about how you judge others?

Ketan Raval
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