LetsNurture Brings ‘Konnected Art’, iBeacon Technology, with ‘no coding required’ For Museums Management


iBeacon technology has already been used in diverse industries ranging from retail to hospitality and museums. We’ve seen adoption from a small number of high-profile brands, such as Disney, Hudson’s Bay Company and SXSW.

iBeacons have been proven to boost the purchase intent twenty times.

iBeacon app development constructs a good impact on the retail sales. It is noted that customers are likely to keep a retailer app installed if they received iBeacon notifications through it. The only problem lies in the adoption of a technology that not every consumer is aware of. It’s a particular stretch for small businesses to invest. LetsNurture has introduced KonnectedArt to solve such issues.

iBeacon app development where ‘no coding required’

Museums and Art galleries are one of the industries that have invested in these technologies and are glad to do so. Museums are looking for innovative ways to interact with visitors. KonnectedArt, is an IoT solution that provides the interactive ways to connect the visitors with the art.

A beacon associated with the art or a particular art segment, sends a signal to the server and the server then fetches the data inputs to notify the visitors. The data can be a detailed description of art, an audio or visual display of the description or merely the directions.

Step-by-step implementation of the iBeacon solution for your museum

  • Once you have decided where you want the beacons to be set up, all you have to do is login into the KonnectedArt admin portal.
  • Each beacon comes with an unique ID. You can add details of the art or segment associated with that beacon. The details can be the descriptions or audio/video.

iBeacon solution for your museum

  • You can add custom notification as per the art segment or user type. The visitors get notified about the art as they explore each segment.
  • You can also send personalized notifications according to the users. If you would like to notify the audience about the upcoming event that is specific for jewelry designing, you can target the female visitors as a priority.

KonnectedArt for museums

KonnectedArt for museums – More features with no coding

A customized iBeacon app, KonnectedArt, makes it possible for the museum owners to send location-specific information and create awesome user experiences, such as:

Digitize Information: Replace brochures, pamphlets and other printed material with beacons that transmit online content. Save time and money printing and update the content in real-time to be more environmentally friendly.

Self-guided Tours: Create multimedia tour guides for cities, museums, galleries and attractions with iBeacon app development. Let the visitors use their smartphones as their guide. Provide your visitors with indoor maps, photos, videos, and audio to interact with the art at their own pace.

Floor Management: The museum management can rely on the real-time dashboard to manage the peak hours. When any floor or area gets too congested, the admin can notify the visitors and manage the flow indisputably.

Automation & IoT: Share information in real-time. Let the visitors know about the latest news and events happening in your museums and art galleries.

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LetsNurture is a leading IT service provider with vintage experience of website development and mobile app development. We provide extensive IoT solutions to varied industries. With an initiative to connect the museums and art galleries to their audiences, we have incepted ‘KonnectedArt’, an iBeacon solution.

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