How Consumers Are Using Their Smartphones?

Recently, BBC conducted a global study on how consumers use their smartphones. The respondents who participated in the survey were belonged to countries like Australia, Germany, India, US, Hong Kong and Sweden.
The population was divided into 2 groups: well off consumers and general population. The affluent consumers are top 20% of income earners.

Now, let us dive deep into what came out of this survey.

Business and current affairs interest the rich

  • Internet was used by 39% of wealthy consumers for at least an hour on their devices compared to 21% of general population.
  • It also came to light that 51% of wealthy people used their smartphones for business purpose compared to 40% of general people in the world.
  • The affluent people were more interested in searching for current news and events compared to general population.
  • 15% well-off users used their mobile for accessing current affairs and breaking news, while 28% users used their mobile to search about business and finance news. The general population searched about other content news.

Smart Devices Used More than Desktops

Speaking of smart phones, how can the apps be left behind. The statistics found out that applications related to news were used by the affluent group while the common population chose for social networking apps. Besides, these upper class people preferred to use mobile phones (15%) and tablets (9%) against using desktops (-17%) for the data collected in the year 2012 and 2013. And, 41% of these affluent and business minded people were happy to see advertisements on the mobile websites, if the content was free for them, compared to 59% of general population.

What is worth noting here is the fact that for the prosperous consumers, mobile advertising is 4x more effective compared to advt. awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent and message association.
This survey indirectly hints at the fact that connected people are more serious towards making money by effective use of smart phones and apps by working smartly.

Ketan Raval
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