Naming Convention can improve Productivity

I often receive images from my customer & team member with name like “image001.jpg” , “scan001.pdf” “untittle-1.jpg” .when I accept these kind of images on skype or on email , it annoys me .. and my first job is to rename it in a way that I can identify it for future purpose because most of the time while working on multiple projects or in team you will forget to either move it on to your CRM or into right folder. I have some simple basic rules which always help me to get better results. Naming convention is one of my habit, I try to keep name as detailed as I can. Say for example.

I named this image “SED-Null-Value-Bug-on-Sharing” and send back to team. This will help anyone to recognize what is issue without even looking at this picture :).  SED is a our Android application name ( Search engine daily – collection of all search engine & internet marketing related posts)  “Null Value “ is a text which is appearing when someone “shares a link” on social media.
This is not a “Conversion Optimization” but this is a “conversation optimization” 🙂

Ketan Raval
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