Comedy Of Error By Bank of Baroda With My Debit Card

Today, I was just going through all documents ( document cleaning) and  I looked at one old debit card.. it is  one of the unusual thing happened to me in 2009, when I opened bank of baroda account. I found my debit card with a horrific mistake they did on card.  This comedy of error has now part of my life. It helps me to get some more smiles around me when I saw them this card. Yes … Just have a look on this Card Name.. 🙂

Check out my surname.. it is “Ravan”..  If you do not know who is ravan .. Please check this link “ravan“..  These mistakes are good to happen right? Have you ever faced any comedy of error like this in your life? if yes do share with me 🙂

Ketan Raval
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