Nice Story How Code Academy Leads a Teenager to Build 5 Smart Apps!

Young kids and especially those entering the threshold of teenage days are full of creativity and innovation. They can think and create things out of nothing and be of help to everyone around them.

Source: Venturebeats

Smart Ethan Starts Giving Compliments by Smartphone

Last year, a 11 year old boy from Las Vegas-USA, ‘Ethan Duggan’ built some apps after his mother put him in a tight situation. His mother came from shopping with long line of dresses. She started trying them on and asked Ethan for his review. He did not want to disappoint his mother and started appreciating her with the new dresses.

But, after a while, he got tired of answering the few typical comments like ‘ You look great, ‘wow’, you look beautiful’ etc. He then recorded some few sentences in his smartphone and played them whenever his mother would ask him about the new dresses.

Creating ‘Lazy Husbands’

Ethan thought of creating a new app for these type of situations that husbands and boyfriends face with their ladies. He made one app titled as ‘Lazy Husband’. Soon, other similar apps followed which were named as ‘Lazy Wife and ‘Lazy Kid’. Ethan used his knowledge wisely from the time he had learned coding during his 3 months summer vacation in his 5th and 6th grade.

Use of skills learnt at Code Academy

As noted above, Ethan learned coding on Codecademy during his summer vacations where he selflearned HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. He geniunely put his skills to use with PhoneGap which is a framework for building cross platform apps for Android, Iphone and Windows phone.

The Bargument App from Ethan

Now the little kid is planning to release a new app known as ‘Bargument’ which is focused on winning any argument in a bar.¬† All one has to do is open the app and write in the ‘fact’ that one wants to prove. The app shows up a Wikipedia article supporting the fact, but actually it is a fake wikipedia looking like a real one. The app is built on a framework known as AppGyver

Future Plans of Ethan

Looks like Ethan has inherited these genes from his developer father who is an employee in ‘Zappos’. His father encouraged the idea of ‘Lazy Husband’ when the kid discussed it with him. Ethan ¬†learnt coding by googling up Codecademy and started enjoying the lessons, which he then applied in real life.

Not only he is gung ho about coding, Ethan is now learning business as well. He is learning on costs, profitability estimates, pricing models, taxation etc. Ethan himself sees his future as a programmer developing more apps.





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