9 World war movies which I really liked a lot..

I love history of Mankind. And it has been always my favourite subject. We did not learn a lot about world war during our school. We had two chapters but that was it. And I believe our teachers & professors also had a very limited knowledge or access to information about World war ( Probably India has its own history & as India as a nation has not played big role in world war , our society does not possess a curiosity about it). It is so interesting that every country has its own perception about it ( World war) . By watching these movies I got to know a lot about World war, which I could not get during my schooling.

List of world war , post world war & cold war movie would be too long but here is list of my favourite world war movies

  1. Land of Mines ( Danish) :
  2. The Imitation Game ( English):
  3. Inglorious Bastards ( English):
  4. Labyrinth of Lies ( German):
  5. The Pianist ( Polish):
  6. Enemy At Gates ( English):
  7. Female Agents ( French):
  8. Railway Man (English):
  9. Anthropoid ( English):

I strongly recommend all of these movies .. all of them have something unique to tell. I decided to write this blog post write after watching LAND OF MINES  🙂

Do not forget to share me your favourite world war movie list..


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