Planet of the Apes- First Movie with Parents


My mother might have watched total 5-10 movies in theatre in her life. So It was like dream for me to take parents also to watch movie. Thanks to 3D Technology, they I made them agree to see that magic of 3D.

It was samruddhdhi’s first movie in theatre. We enjoyed a lot with together.rajhans-movie-ghatlodiya-theatre

How was the movie Plant of Apes?

Movie is awesome. I am waiting for next version. I like Plant of Apes Series, When Ape teaches us humanity it looks shameful and thoughtful both. This time it went further and it seems in next movie there ll be a big battle.

Awesome piece of graphic work, awesome piece of background score.. watching this in 3D was absolute treat.rajhans-ghatlodiya-ahmedabad

There are few series which I like to watch it again and again like Transformers, Lord of the Rings , Planet of Apes 🙂

Ketan Raval
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